Concrete Floor Coating Preparation Essentials for Your Garage

Customized residential garages are popping up everywhere in America. If you have enough time to spend on making the garage a local landmark, you better find the best garage epoxy here in Utah. This type of coating is the gold standard for a good-looking garage floor.

However, before you can upgrade your flooring, you need to prepare it well. What does it take to make a great looking one? You must prep it like a pro.

Get closer to the surface

Epoxies bond very well with concrete floors. But they will only do so if the floor is in optimal condition. What is the status of the concrete floor at this time? If you’re not sure about the answer, it’s time to get up close and personal with it. Is there a pre-existing coating perhaps?

Before you start pouring stuff to take it off, learn what it’s made first. Don’t begin scrubbing away if you have no idea what the coating is and how long it’s been there.

Grease and oil

Speaking of coating, oil and grease deposits don’t have a place in a clean, modern and sparkling garage. Remove them and remember to dispose of these substances properly since they pose environmental and health hazards.

How can you be sure the dark spot on the floor is stained by oil or grease and not old paint? Well, the water bead test should help you isolate an oily patch. It’s easy. Pour a small amount of water on a darkened surface. A contaminated floor will show beads on top of the darkened surface.

If the test is positive, use a proper scrubber or brush and take out the stain with an effective degreaser specific for concrete surfaces.

Repairing holes and cracks

cleaning concrete floors of a building

Aside from knowing about any pre-existing coating, examines the status of the concrete surface itself. If there are damaged areas requiring repairs, you must address them first. Imperfections will show if you don’t take care of them.

It might not be possible to address more significant surface damage with an extra layer of paint or coating. If there are structural issues, the choice of repair material is crucial. Concrete repair materials are readily available, but you have to consider whether the product will bond with high-quality epoxy coating.

Moreover, environmental conditions might cause the materials to shrink or prevent complete bonding. Find someone who can give you sound advice on the kind of high-bonding polymer to use.

Dealing with moisture

A relative humidity probe provides an accurate measure of the moisture condition of a slab of concrete. The standard instrument is available commercially if you are interested in owning one. Alternately, you can hire a flooring expert to assess the moisture level of the garage floor.

Without proper moisture mitigation, the floor coating is at risk for de-bonding, peeling and blistering.

Once you have prepared the floor adequately, you can mop off excess water and solutions, dry it off and get the vacuum cleaner for a clean sweep. Now the floor is ready!

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