Types of Concrete Floor Cleaners

Most people think that floor cleaning is as simple as using a mop and a bucket. While this suffices for the daily cleaning of your floors, it might not do much to keep them looking new and clean. The ideal solution to this is a professional clean. In professional floor cleaning, a variety of machines and chemicals are used to get rid of hard-to-clean dirt. The standard machines used for floor cleaning include scrubbers, sweepers, buffers, and polishers.

Regular tile and grout cleaning in Draper, for instance, will not remove the dirt ingrained in your floors as quickly and effectively as the machines mentioned above will. There are also different cleaners the professionals will use for your concrete floors in different quantities and concentrations. Here are the concrete cleaners:

Neutral Cleaners

These are mild cleaners that are primarily meant for the cleaning of your interior concrete-sealed surfaces that have no embedded dirt. They are also at times used on outdoor concrete that has no significant dirt contamination, provided the surfaces are unsealed. The cleaners generally come as concentrates that will be diluted based on the amount of cleaning your floors need.

Acidic Cleaners

These are designed for the removal of contaminants, stains, and dirt in an acidic medium. Acidic concrete cleaners generally suffice for the removal of efflorescence on your concrete. This is an insoluble type of metallic salt that looks like a crystalline or powdery residue after you wash your floors with plain water or mild soap. The residue arises from the exposure of your surfaces to hard water, which introduces a high salt content into the concrete. It is essential to rinse the concrete surface using clean water to neutralize the acid cleaner used.

concrete floor cleaning

Alkaline Cleaners

These are also called concrete degreasers. They are generally used for the eradication of grease, oil, and hydrocarbon-based stains from concrete surfaces. The high alkalinity levels found in these cleaners will break down or emulsify the oily contaminants on your concrete floors. Alkaline cleaners are the ideal choice for neutralizing the damage that might be caused by acid cleaners on concrete surfaces after repeated use. Your cleaner will first dilute the alkaline cleaner based on the state of your concrete floors before using it to minimize its effect.

Bacterial or Enzymatic Cleaners

These are the latest concrete cleaners that use active enzymes and organic chemistry for the breakdown and digestion of contaminants on the surfaces of your home. Bacterial or enzymatic cleaners are also called oxidation cleaners. They are formulated for the breakdown of hydrocarbon, protein, and starch-based stains on concrete. The cleaners require little to no water for their activation. As such, they might attract lower cleaning costs since they do not take too much time to wash off.

Using the right concentration and type of cleaner is essential for getting rid of stains on your concrete and preserving its integrity. Quite a few property owners have had to part with considerable cash for the repair of their concrete floors after using the wrong cleaning techniques and products. Prevent this by hiring a professional cleaning company for your home or commercial establishments.

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