3 Signs Your Home Needs Waterproofing

If your home has a basement, you need to ensure that it is protected from moisture penetration, especially during the rainy or snowy season. It doesn’t take a torrential downpour or a hurricane to damage your home. Sometimes a leak in your basement is all that’s needed to destroy the foundation of a home. The good news is that you can prevent this situation from happening.

Moisture issues in the basement are common, but you can quickly fix them through affordable solutions such as sealing the foundation and installing a rain gutter. With many waterproofing experts in Utah, you shouldn’t have a problem finding an expert. But how do you know that your home needs waterproofing? Here are the telltale signs.

High humidity levels

You don’t have to see water leaks in the basement to know that your home needs waterproofing. By measuring humidity levels, you can easily determine if the levels in your basement aren’t consistent with other areas of your home. There are lots of gadgets that can help you measure basement humidity levels. Use them to determine if the humidity levels are okay before your basement becomes a breeding ground for mold.

Mold and mildew

If you spot mold and mildew in your basement or on the walls, it is an obvious sign of moisture. Unlike measuring humidity levels, mold and mildew show that the problem has been going on for quite some time. This means that you should repair the leaks as soon as possible. Mold can also be dangerous to you and your family. It releases spores into the air, which, when breathed, can result in respiratory issues.

Cracks in the foundation

Waterproofing the walls

Moisture penetration on the walls in your home can lead to cracks in the foundation. Watch out for diagonal or stair-like cracks along the foundation or ceiling as they can indicate signs of water damage. When left for long, cracks in such areas of your home can lead to issues with the foundation that can be difficult and costly to repair.

While the signs mentioned above are some of the most common, there are others that you should note, too. These include stains on the walls and basement, strange aroma, or symptoms or chronic illnesses. Puddles of water or stains on the ceiling could represent a big problem that should be solved immediately. There are many waterproofing methods that you can try out, but it all depends on the kind of problem you are encountering. Besides, these methods vary in cost and durability. When choosing a method to use, make sure that it is effective and will provide a long-term solution.

You can fix some waterproofing issues by yourself. However, if the problem is more prominent, such as an issue with the foundation, it can be too dangerous to do it by yourself. Besides, any further damage can inflate repair costs. In this situation, it is best to schedule a home inspection or consultation by an expert. While at it, make sure to find a seasoned expert who is good at waterproofing.

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