Get Additional Protection in Your Car

The roads hold more danger than just accidents. Your health, your freedom, and your wealth are all at risk because of these hidden dangers. Thankfully, simple measures can be enough to ward off these dangers.

Remove the Big C from Your Car

Simply driving every day to work puts you at risk of skin cancer. In Arizona, whether you’re in the deserts of Scottsdale or the heights of Greer, sunlight can be dangerous. Automobile windshields usually have some sort of UV protection, but your car windows don’t. Clear glass or tinted ultraviolet (UV) films will shut out 99 percent of that deadly UV radiation, reducing your risk of developing cancer. Not convinced? The majority of skin cancers in the U.S. occur on the left side of the body. When doctors made a study, they discovered links to driving and UV exposure. In the UK — where the driver’s seat is on the right side — the majority of skin cancers also appeared on the right side of the body. UV protection is especially important when driving in exposed roads and higher altitudes. The lack of shadows from buildings can expose you to more sun, while higher elevations have higher concentrations of UV radiation.

What Seems to Be the Problem, Officer?

In Salt Lake City, a single bottle of beer and an over-eager police officer can lead to an unfounded DUI violation. Utah lowered the blood alcohol concentration limit to 0.05 percent (the lowest in the nation), and police officers can stop you with just a mere suspicion. One way to avoid all this is installing a dashcam in your car. A dashcam can record your driving and be enough evidence to stand in court, much less dissuade an unreasonable cop. No more “I saw you swerving,” lines which can easily lead to “have you been drinking.” You can refute all those allegations by merely pointing to your dashcam.

It’s Your Fault, Not Mine

Driving in the curve

Another thing that dashcams can protect you from is accident fraud. Miami is a hotbed of accident scams. Aside from a dashcam, you might want to get a car with an automatic emergency braking (AEB) system. An AEB system allows your vehicle to automatically hit the brakes when you are distracted, unaware, or unable to react fast enough to an impending collision. An AEB system is especially important for senior drivers. Unscrupulous individuals target senior drivers, making sudden stops to instigate an accident. These individuals will then harass their targets for money, threatening lawsuits for damages to their car and injuries to the passengers within. A dashcam can give you enough evidence of these fraudulent accident scams and an AEB system can somewhat prevent their occurrence. However, it can’t hurt to also have the number of a good lawyer in your phone.

In the end, threats can come from anywhere, and these dangers when driving will hit you when you least expect them to. Seatbelts are not enough. Get additional measures that can protect you from chronic UV exposure, illegal arrests, and petty crooks.

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