Three Things That Damage Your Countertops

Your kitchen counter is among the busiest and most important areas in your home, which is why these are built and designed to withstand the pressure and amount of work done on its surface. While it is intended to be that way, it’s still not invulnerable to wear and tear. Its exposure to various substances may even be causing damage and harm to it. Furthermore, there are things some homeowners are doing that can damage their countertops. Some of them might not even be aware that they are already subjecting their countertops to permanent damage. 

To help protect this area of the kitchen, it’s important to be aware of things that can harm your counter. Here are some of them:

Leaving hot things on top

If you have a habit of leaving your hot pans, cookers and other heat-generating appliances on your counter, you better stop now. While granite and quartz countertops in Salt Lake City can handle the heat, the sealant holding them together may give out. As a result, the surface may become uneven and may show early signs of cracks. To keep them intact, ensure that you have trivets or potholders, as these may protect your tables and kitchen counters from heat damage.

woman cleaning the counter

Preparing raw meat on bare counters

Raw meat per se cannot harm your countertop. It is the preparation and cleaning involved with it that can damage the surface. If you’re used to cutting raw meat as it is, you may leave behind fluid and dregs. The residue may seep through the crevices of your counter, which may cause contamination. This requires you to disinfect and clean the area thoroughly. Most cleaning agents may wear down the surface of your counter and with repeated cleaning and disinfecting, you’ll destroy its original shine and luster. 

To prevent that, always use a cutting board when preparing raw meat and other ingredients that need to be sliced, chopped, or minced. When cleaning, make sure to find solutions that are gently formulated and won’t harm the surface. Experts often recommend a simple soap and water solution plus the use of a  microfiber cloth. 

Spills, splatters, and stains

Many people are guilty of spilling sauces, oils and other substances that may stain their countertops. Although some of these instances may be unavoidable, not cleaning them right away can be damaging. Not only does it look untidy, but it might stain and permanently discolor your counter. That’s why to keep it clean and spotless, it’s best if you clean everything up immediately, disinfecting the area if necessary. You may use the recommended cleanser (your dealer can give you some recommendations) to wipe them out or hot water and soap solution to deal with them. This is especially important if you have a white or light-colored countertop.

Your kitchen counters may be durable but just like any area in your home, you need to take care of them. Along with cleaning them up, it’s important you know what things to avoid. This way, you’ll maintain the original appeal and hardiness of your countertops. 

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