Creative Ideas for Lighting Your Staircase

With decreasing land space, almost all buildings nowadays are storied. This is in an attempt to maximise indoor space while using minimum land. This has necessitated the construction of staircases to access the upper rooms in buildings. Stairs nowadays are, however, more than functional structures in your interiors.

With the right frame of mind, your stairway will also contribute to an exceptional indoor décor. The use of staircases as design and functional elements starts with making the right choice among the available staircases designs and construction.

This will not just depend on the theme of your interior décor but also the available floor space. Spiral staircases, for instance, will be the perfect ones in cramped interiors while large rectangular ones will suffice for expansive interiors.

You can enhance the look of your interiors by transforming your stairs into a design masterpiece with lighting. Here are some creative lighting ideas for staircases.

Lights on Your Stairway Walls

staircase near the kitchenIn most cases, stairway walls have no embellishments. Most people only include a few framed photos on their stairway walls. You can, however, make these walls fascinating by opting for beautiful modern lighting fixtures. These will make each of your stair treads sparkle, and the stairway to stand out.

The shapes, colours and sizes of these lights are diverse and should be informed by your intended look. If, for instance, you want a chic or dreamy look, the star-shaped lights are perfect. You can also opt for colour-changing LED lights for a bold look.

Light Strips along Each Step

This ideal will work for all types of stair shapes, but it is easy to attach on treads that are well-spaced. Even so, if you do not have enough space, consider installing the lights on the lower bases of the steps. For your stairs to generate a warm glow, get lights in warm hues.

You can create a modern design by installing lighting strips along each step.

Illuminated Railings

Railings are still an essential part of staircase safety. You can make yours stand out by illuminating them with string lights. The railings, in this case, should be straight. Spiral and u-shaped stairs might thus not be suited for illuminated railings.

Moreover, illuminating the railings might not work for properties with people with limited mobility since they will need the railings to be clear for their optimal support.

Hanging Chandeliers

This is the ideal choice if you do not want to light the areas near your staircase. If you are intent on glamour and glitz, then a shiny crystal chandelier is your best choice. Casual glass chandeliers lend a modern touch to the stairway while candle-style lights complement a classic look.

Those not as keen on chandeliers can use hanging lamp balls in their place.

With the above ideas, your staircases can become the outstanding décor element in your interiors. Moreover, lighting the stairways will boost their safety. Though they seem easy to fix, do not be fooled into a DIY installation of the above lighting ideas.

Get an expert to install them to guarantee their optimal working and safety.

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