The Wonders of Your Home’s Windows

More than just holes in our walls, windows fulfill a variety of purposes. They keep out unwanted elements, keep in much-needed warmth, are good backdrops for curtains and Christmas decorations, and generally function as small see-through doors for the much-needed sunlight and air.

But as most Hunter Douglas dealers in NJ will tell you, windows are responsible for much of it feels to stay in your home. Aside from adding aesthetic value, windows fulfill many other requirements such as lighting, inner home temperature, and even energy costs.

So, the next time you’re thinking of getting some work done in your home, maybe try looking at your windows. There’s a ton of benefits to adding them:

Reduces your energy costs

natural light

One of the main reasons why houses can consume a surprising amount of power is because of the lack of proper ventilation. Without windows, the natural tendency is to turn on the AC or the fan. For lighting, that means keeping the lights on for an extended period. All these factors can easily raise your electric bill by quite a bit.

It’s also the reason windows are the key feature in many newly-built homes. They also help keep the home well aerated and lit when it needs to be. If you’re having a little trouble with your energy bill for the month, try opening your blinds to let the cool breeze in.

Helps your health

We all know what windows form a barrier against outside air coming in, but as it turns out, that flow is quite important to how our health holds up. Air circulation is important since it controls the humidity inside the house. A poorly ventilated house is a haven for foreign particles that can cause a variety of health hazards, such as molds and other triggers for asthma.

In fact, with the variety of lung-related issues that are prevalent, choosing a house with good ventilation or maximizing your current one is considered a significant plus to any property, giving you another tangible benefit aside from your health.

More than just a glass pane

Finally, windows have gotten more features than just simple panes of glass. For example, those who live in areas that experience strong winds can look into a shatterproof glass. Specially fabricated to be two to four times stronger than regular glass panes, these windows offer an extra layer of security for those in areas that are often hit by hurricanes.

Another feature you can look into is low-emissivity (otherwise known as low-E) glass. These special glass panes have coatings that reflect the heat back to whatever source it comes from, which can be very useful in the winter for keeping heat in and during summer for keeping heat out.

Windows are a necessary part of any well-furnished home. People may not think about their importance as anything more than adding light and aesthetic value, but the fact is that their purpose in our lives is just as important as the air they let in.

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