Why Buy a New Home? Affordable Eco-friendly Innovations and Reasons

Many homeowners have a soft spot for vintage architecture. Be it the elaborate Victorian designs or the colonial and federal looks, they all flood us with almost irresistible nostalgia. This has in part made many buyers stick to old renovated homes and given buyers looking for newly built homes something to think about.

Even though old homes come with coveted amenities like true hardwood floors and fireplaces, the architecture and gadgets used in newly built townhomes in places like Herriman, Utah still has much to offer.

1. Innovative materials  are cheaper and eco-friendlier.

Your new townhouse might not have the teak hardwood floors or that elaborate limestone block entry you find so attractive on colonial houses. While such materials were relatively easier to source back when the older houses were built, but they are currently either more expensive or merely unsustainable to use.

The alternatives, though not as romantic, are still beautiful and get the job done even better. For instance, a laminate floor is both eco-friendly and affordable green innovations to install in a modern house. The money you save there can be used on other vital sections of the house.

2. New homes are all about technology.

With appealing hardwood floors, high archways and elaborate stairways of old out of the way, new homes have to look for a new way to woo their buyers. Contractors have found the best way to do this is by using the latest home automation and management systems possible.

couple thanking broker for the demo unit

Chances are a new build home will have better air conditioning, better plumbing, a dishwasher that is in excellent condition and an eco-friendly laundry room. Moreover, you will have conveniently placed modern amenities such as:

a. A basement that has been built to be a home theater, a library or a music room.

b. Doors and windows that incorporate automated control and advanced modern security tools.

c. Open designs built with automatic vacuum cleaners in mind to reduce the hours of cleaning you have to put in per week.

3. New homes are at 100% structural integrity.

Buying a new home does away with the mandatory renovations phase each old homeowner has to go through. Everything, from the beams supporting your porch to your roof, will be new. The paint will most probably be in line with modern interior décor standards, or the property seller will ask the finish you want so they can incorporate it in the finish.

All this makes new homes a solution for people who want to buy and move in immediately without spending a single cent on renovations.

Everyone has his or her architectural preferences. However, if you are on a tight budget, going for new homes using the latest certified building techniques might be easier on your pocket. You will get more practical amenities that you need in your modern life and more square feet for your price point. Couple this with the fact that the house will most likely be ready for use when you buy it, and this becomes a win-win for people who want to settle into their new home fast.

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