The Underappreciated Advantages of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Utah requires every plumber contractor in Salt Lake City, Provo, Sandy, or other communities to obtain a professional license. This obligation is not meant to needlessly give plumbing practitioners an additional hoop to jump through to legally ply their trade. While professional permits can serve as a powerful marketing tool to separate themselves from the rest, it is mean to protect customers like you.

How does hiring a licensed contractor benefit you when your plumbing problem takes more than decongesting a clogged drain or replacing a faucet to fix? The following are the things one can do:

Guarantees Competency

All plumbers say that they are qualified, carry advanced credentials, have a wealth of experience, and specialize in the latest methods and technologies, but the dishonest ones will tell you everything you want to hear to get your business.

But the only thing you should take seriously is a licensed plumbing professional’s word. A license is a seal of approval from the government that the plumber meets the state’s competency tests, helping you screen contractors for the job more efficiently.

Furthermore, a license speaks of the plumber’s integrity, for it can tell you whether the contractor has demonstrated ethical practices over the years. Of course, you should still ask for references to learn what the plumber’s previous customers say about their experience.

Ensures Adequate Insurance

Plumbers that meet the state’s licensing requirements generally hold the minimum insurance required by the jurisdiction. Hiring an insured contractor helps keep your bank account green in case of an accident. When someone gets hurt or something gets broken during the project, your plumber’s insurer shoulders the expenses.

You can’t expect the same kind of protection from an uninsured or underinsured plumbing company. Working with one exposes you to the rigors of litigation when a plumber gets injured in your house. To prevent your contractor from leaving you high and dry, ask for proof of insurance and verify it.

Handles Permit Applications

Approved plumbing permitAlmost all plumbing projects require a permit, for a city official wants to make sure that everything is done per the building code. If your plumbing company is reluctant to obtain the necessary documentation to set your project in motion, it is probably lying about its credentials.

Unlicensed contractors, when professional licensing in necessary in their trade, can never convince the government to issue a permit for their projects. Sometimes, they may even trick homeowners into applying for the building permit themselves to make them answerable to the inspector.

Involves the State When Ironing Out Disputes

The state can be a good friend when discussing misunderstandings with a licensed contractor. You might be able to take advantage of the state-backed program for dispute resolution when taking a licensed professional to arbitration.

On the contrary, the state may not be able to help you when an unlicensed contractor wrongs you. In this case, you have to fight your battle with your own resources.

Confirming if a plumber is licensed takes more than just taking a piece of paper at face value. Contact the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to determine whether your prospective contractor indeed carries a Master Plumber License.

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