What Homeowners Need to Consider When Choosing a Plumber

Choosing the right plumber is crucial and something that homeowners should never take lightly, as they are responsible for fixing and replacing some of the most critical parts of the home, including your faucet, toilet, shower, and water heater. Hiring a plumber that lacks the skill or experience can prove to be very costly in the long run.

Plumbers must possess knowledge of pipe systems, septic tanks, and more. While requirements vary between states, plumbers are generally expected to pass state-approved exams on skills and local plumbing codes to obtain a license. They are also required to undergo apprenticeship programs that last between two to five years.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to consider when hiring a plumber:

Make sure they have the necessary certifications

When choosing a plumber, homeowners must shortlist only those who are licensed, especially if your state requires licensing. Most states need plumbers to hold a license. If you are from a country that does not require plumbers to maintain licenses, make sure to check and ask around for any formal complaints filed against the plumber whom you want to hire.

They must be insured

Registered professional plumbers are insured up to a certain amount, which means that both you and the plumber are protected in case of injuries or accidents. Furthermore, should they run into any problems while servicing your home, any damage would be covered by the insurance.

A good plumber offers fair pricing and warranty


Plumbers must be able to provide an accurate estimate based on what needs to be done, barring significant problems. It is ideal for homeowners to canvass and consider at least three estimates from different plumbers. Remember not to be too tempted to go for one that offers a much lower assessment than most; the plumber might be cutting corners or planning to use inferior parts.

Additionally, all plumbers must guarantee their work as well as all the parts they will be using. Most warranties cover the work done up to one year.

Consider plumbers who offer 24-hour service

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time and are best resolved right away to prevent severe damage to your home. Plumbers who provide a 24-hour emergency service should be at the top of your list because unfortunately, burst pipes or boilers about to break down don’t wait for regular business hours. A reliable 24-hour plumber that Orem residents can rely on should be able to respond to your plumbing disasters any time of the day and must always have someone available to speak to you on the phone 24/7.

They should have many years of experience

Finally, it pays to consider plumbers or plumbing companies with many years of experience and has a proven track record. Asking around for reviews from previous customers is one of the best ways to be acquainted with the quality of the plumber’s work.

Choosing a reliable plumber or plumbing company can be tricky, but these tips should help you narrow down your choices and hire the best one in no time.

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