Invest in Employee Wellness Through Better Office Design

The core concepts of the modern workplace are changing fast. This in reaction to the attitudes of the today’s employees. A 2019 survey from the Gensler Research Institute indicates that engaging and collaborative offices appeal to workers. But those features may not be enough. A focus on employee wellness is moving to the forefront of office design.

A business owner like yourself may consider gearing toward employee wellness because effective and loyal people are harder to come by. Making wellness a priority will not only be good for your workers, but it will also translate to more productivity.

When redesigning your workplace for wellness, other than choosing stylish office tables online, build to encourage the following features.


Research has shown a high correlation between movement and the lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, as well as numerous other benefits.

Allow “movement breaks” every five minutes when they can stretch or walk around a little. Provide amenities that will get them moving, such as a foosball table or even a dart board. You can also allocate space for a meditation area where your employees can do yoga, whose many benefits have already been well-documented.

Make sit and stand desks freely available in your office. These office tables are a simple yet effective way to encourage movement in your workforce.

Natural Light

natural light in the office

Stress reduction, fewer headaches, and greater energy are only a few of the perks of natural light. Natural lighting also lowers eye strain, a hazard that comes with working in front of a screen. Improve natural lighting in your office by using smart window designs and introducing more open areas. You can also consider installing skylights.

But not every business can afford the luxury of skylights or window access. You can still provide a better work environment by changing flickering or dim lights and switching from fluorescent bulbs to LED or CFL light sources.

Better Air Quality

A World Green Building Council study has reported that better air quality can improve productivity by as much as 11percent. You can achieve this through proper ventilation, air conditioning, and higher ceilings. Designate smoking areas outside of your office and away from any ventilation source. If feasible, open your windows for more fresh air. Keeping the level of humidity healthy is also key to better air quality, which can be remedied by using humidifiers.

Incorporate Nature

Introducing plants in your workplace creates a soothing effect that reduces stress. Plants also provide oxygen, improving indoor air quality.Though you can settle for allowing your employees desk plants, you can embrace nature more by adding a green wall. These features take up little horizontal space while providing plentiful greenery and a serene view. A recent variant uses moss instead of plants and provides a similar natural vibe to any workspace.

These design considerations may seem needless, but these are investments. If you make these changes, you are investing in your employees’ health and happiness, which make your business more productive and profitable. So make the smart move, and prioritize your workers’ wellness.

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