The Ideal Work Environment for Millennials

Millennials have become a buzzword in the last couple of years. It’s not surprising, as they’ve been leading the change in many aspects of modern society, most especially in business.

For sure, you’ve seen the shift yourself. They’re at your office, working for you and some doing business with you. Such a change in the workforce calls for a change in the workplace as well. If you haven’t “millennified” your office yet, it’s time for the needed facelift. Here’s what millennials want in their workplaces.


The Gen Y values social connections. They long for opportunities where they can build rapport with their colleagues, forge trust and work together on projects. Your office space should be designed to support this need.

Ditch the traditional office layout of cubicles and private offices and go for open office instead. Do manage the drawbacks of choosing open, though, like the noise and lack of privacy. Install acoustic panels in strategic spots to control the sounds from chatters, phone calls and annoying finger taps onto the keyboard. Designate privacy booths around your space too, so employees can drop by there when they need a little bit more of focus at work.

When checking out office spaces for lease by property developers like Rockwell Land, make sure to envision how the open concept would be laid out there so that you could assess the place better.


two people working

Millennials value freedom so much. They want to have as much control as they can at their work. For this reason, your office space must be flexible. Invest in adaptable furniture and fixtures, like retractable walls, movable tables and adjustable desks. Encourage employees to personalize their spaces.

You may also roll out a hot-desking policy, a setup where employees won’t have a permanent working space, but rather will be on a rotating system. Of course, flexibility can also extend to your digital office. If you can offer remote working options, where millennials can work wherever they want, at a coffee shop or a co-working space, that would be a huge plus for them. You would just need to strengthen your IT infrastructure for this. Before you introduce different flexibility schemes in your office design and culture, it would be wise to consult your employees directly.


This generation is the most health-conscious generation by far. So, your office design should very well include features that would boost the well-being of your millennial employees. There are many ways to do this, starting with the simple: lighting.

Let in as much natural light as you can. This helps in increasing visibility, preventing headaches and eyestrain, and at the same time, boosting the mood of employees. Take advantage of your big windows. Incorporate plants as well in your design. Science says that biophilic design can reduce stress significantly. Invest in ergonomic furniture, clear pathways, and reduce clutter.

Remember, your workplace should be well suited to your workforce. If millennials are flocking to your business, then it’s time to millennify your space.

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