Suburb or City Living: Which One Is for You?

Other than the size and price, where to buy a home is a pressing question for many prospective homeowners. Should they get one in the city or the suburbs? With each of these places having pros and cons, the location becomes quite a sticking point for many people.

While living in the suburbs might lead to a longer commute to work, it provides you with an ideal space to raise a family. You will have a quieter neighbourhood and more outdoor areas for the kids to play and explore.

Consider Your Needs


In addition to space and asking prices, there are many other factors to consider when buying a master-planned estate around North Melbourne, Victoria. These houses have lots of benefits, but if you want to be on the safe side and get the best deal, consider your personal needs and financial status.

If you have kids, you should raise them in a child-friendly environment. Therefore, families tend to gravitate towards a house with spacious lots. Other than giving kids ample space to play, suburb living comes with a close-knit family community unavailable in cities. As such, your kids will have friends and playmates from neighbouring families.

If you have pets, it means that they will also have a yard where they can get their daily exercise requirements. It saves you from the hassle of having to walk your dog every evening. As long as the compound has fences, you can let them out in the yard without a worry in the world.

On the flipside, you will be living away from the shopping malls, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife that comes with city life. It means that you’ll have to make quite a commute to get to your favourite shopping outlet or eatery. If you don’t have a reliable means of transport, you’ll probably not enjoy the suburbs.

Make the Right Choice

There are definite trade-offs when choosing between city life or the laid-back life in the suburbs. Therefore, you need to think about the kind of lifestyle that you want and the amount of space that you wish to have in the home. That’s an incredibly simple way to avoid agonising over the decision.

You should know that having more space in the home might mean spending more time on chores. Now that you have a yard, you’ll have to work to whip it into shape. For some families, that might seem like a small price to pay. Individuals unwilling or unable to handle such work are better off sticking with city dwellings.

Schools also make a considerable factor when moving into a new location. Parents need to be sure that their kids can have a quality education. As such, they need to pick an area with good schools. Such schools are available in both the suburbs and the city, so your schooling needs should form part of your decision.

Many first-time home buyers agonise over the decision of picking the location of their home. They often split hairs whether to live in the quieter suburbs or embrace the convenience of living in the city. You need to weigh the pros and cons of a location before making the final decision.

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