4 Proven Ways to Market Your Restaurant in Salt Lake City

It’s no secret that the food and beverage industry is getting more competitive, thanks to the ever-evolving changes of consumer preferences and the increasing number of competitors not just in Salt Lake City but in the rest of the U.S. as well.

The first five years of a restaurant are crucial since many studies have shown that many close up shop during their first year of operation. Moreover, Perry Group International found that 90% of restaurants that are still operating after five years are likely to stay in business for a minimum of 10 years. There is no magic formula for success, but you can make aggressive marketing campaigns to increase your chances of survival. Here are four proven ways to market your restaurant in Salt Lake City:

1. Produce a promotional video

When it comes to marketing online, the best content wins. If you do this right, your promotional video can go viral like what happened to the charming video of Dominique Ansel’s Kouign Amann in New York City.

Going viral on social media is like getting free TV ad spots. You should get creative here. What special aspect of your restaurant do you think will appeal to people? Is it your cooking and preparation process—you know that video of how Krispy Kreme makes their doughnuts?—the source of your ingredients, or an impact you’re making on the community? If you don’t have any experience in producing great promotional videos, you can hire a creative agency in Salt Lake City to do it for you.

2. Promote user-generated content on social media

User-generated content is big on social media. No idea what it is? It’s simply photos or videos of your restaurant taken by your customers. When they post these photos and videos on their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’re basically getting free marketing. When their friends see these photos and videos, they’ll be more willing to visit your restaurant.

You can encourage customers to upload user-generated content by holding contests. The one who uploads the most liked or most reacted photo or video, for example, gets a free meal for two.

3. Take advantage of local events

Restaurant owners at a local event

Here’s a tried and tested marketing trick that won’t fail you. Stay abreast of local events in Salt Lake City and see how you can sponsor some of them. The bigger the audience the event gets, the better.

You can also give people a reason to visit your restaurant in light of a local event. Is there a local film festival this weekend? Maybe you can offer a discount to everyone who can present a ticket to the film fest. You can also approach event organizers and see if they’re accepting concessionaires.

4. Invite well-known local bands

Inviting local bands with a considerable fan base is sure to attract crowds to your restaurant—but only if it’s appropriate. Also, it may seem obvious, but it still needs to be said: don’t invite a rock band if you’re a fine dining restaurant. Choose your bands carefully according to your brand image.

Marketing your restaurant takes a lot more than flyers and occasional Facebook page posts. With the right creative marketing ideas and tactics, your restaurant can get the attention it deserves.

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