When Is the Right Time to Downsize Your Home?

Downsizing is definitely in. The trend is popular not just among retirees who have empty nests or millennials who have embraced the Marie Kondo philosophy. Even growing families are shrinking their home size.

It’s not surprising, as this lifestyle change brings in a lot of perks, from financial savings to less time spent on maintenance. If you’ve been thinking about this but not sure if it’s the right time to take the plunge, here are signs that would tell you it’s worth making the jump.

You’re feeling overwhelmed

A home should make you feel safe and relaxed. If your current home is the opposite, keeping you preoccupied with too many cleaning chores and financial worries, then it’s time to move and downsize.

A lot of people find that peace of mind in condominium units. Why? Well, in a condo complex, you get to have a big yard, a big swimming pool and a big roof, without the big responsibilities of maintaining them. You only have to think of your personal space, giving you more time to focus on family and the things that matter most.

Plus, condo units are much more affordable than most homes in subdivisions despite the former being in prime locations in Manila. So, why don’t you try checking out properties in Quezon City, such as The Arton by Rockwell? It could be the solution to your overwhelmed feeling over your current home.

You’re almost always not home

It happens. Perhaps you’ve gotten a new job position that requires travelling to different countries. Or you’ve pursued a passion that makes you and your family digital nomads. If you’re paying for a big home and you’re not using it, you’re only wasting money. Downsize your lifestyle, and you’re more likely to pay much less and faster.

In addition, you might even earn some money yourself. Most homeowners who switch to condo living, but are often not at home, usually rent out their spaces to Airbnb and other shared accommodations platforms. They’re then able to pay off some of their monthly utility expenses and add more funds for their travels.

You’re entering a new phase in life

a house

If you’re trying to heal from a nasty break-up with a spouse or getting a hold of your new job, it’s always good to have a new environment that gives you a fresh start. To many, downsizing is a helpful ritual that lets them shed off the old and welcome the new.

So, perhaps you can try this yourself too if you’re entering a new phase in life. Declutter your stuff. Put away those that don’t “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo puts it. If it’s a negative life experience you’re moving on from, involve your kids in going through stuff, so you can have a dedicated time to process feelings together. If it’s positive, give away your stuff to charity to spread the joy.

The downsizing movement has caught on. But don’t jump into the bandwagon only because everyone else is doing it. Watch for the signs if this is really the perfect move for your life situation.

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