Selecting Picture Frames for Your Home

Selecting a picture that you like is the easy part. Often, people know what they want, and they can recognize it when it shows up even if they might not put words to it. The next thing that you have to do is find a frame. A fitting frame makes the picture stand out. Much like well-chosen outfits, it accentuates.

Fine art printing in Salt Lake City has some guidelines that you can follow. For starters, the ideal frame does not pop on its own. One should be able to see the picture and not just the frame. Also, lighter frames give a casual look, while darker frames are formal. There are different frames that you can choose from:

Wooden frames

Wood provides a picture with a classic and warm feel. There will be many color choices to pick from because wood can be finished with painting or glossing. You can play with the colors to produce the effect that you desire. For instance, you can use dark wooden frames for photos that have warm tones, like orange, red and brown. Dark frames are made of wood, like walnut or mahogany. Images with color tones like lavender, greens, and blues work better when paired with light frames made with pine, ash or oak.

Picking the wooden frame that will work for you should depend on the décor of the room where you want to hang the picture. Since wood frames tend to have different designs ranging from intricate details to bright and simple ones, you want to match them appropriately. You can use wood frames to bring out styles like chic, rustic, country, and traditional.

White and black frames

Business woman hanging framed certificate

A frame with a solid color has challenges. It can accentuate the look of the picture if you match them accurately, but to do that, you need to know the basics. Black frames are often formal and elegant, while white tends to be eclectic and casual. Both frames can be used in a contemporary space and can streamline your décor.

Black will make the dark features of the photo stand out and contrast lighter ones. It needs a lighted place to balance the look. White does the same as black, but it also blends the brighter hues into the images. It gives a feel of candidness. Both colors have a stylish and artistic feeling when placed on a wall.

Metallic frames

These frames are the option to go for if you want trendy. They highlight the coloring of the photo, making it eye-catching and vibrant. Since metal appears classy, these frames fit family portraits well. They can also be used with wedding and landscape pictures. One can also choose to pair black and white photos with a metallic frame to contrast the color of the photo.

Other than matching the frame to the décor in a room, the artwork needs to stand out. If the colors resemble wall colors; for example, it blends and beats the purpose of having the frame. One can also combine frames and other prints without frames.

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