3 Things You Can Upgrade in Your Home Now

As the spring season rolls in, more cleaning and home remodeling projects are well underway. If you’re looking to infuse a new vibe into your home, here are three things you can include in your upgrade project.

1. Heating Equipment

A fireplace brings that undisputed class and charm in any home. In fact, many homeowners in Utah are going for more modern fireplace designs, especially the ones equipped with temperature control and come with remote control features.

Modern fireplace designs also offer a solution to homeowners whose homes weren’t built with fireplaces. One of the more popular choices is the modern wood-burning fireplace design, where it makes use of the traditional aesthetic but uses gas to make the fire.

This means cleaner indoor air and less cleanup after use. Some of the models are also equipped with a blower system to circulate the warm air throughout the space so that one heat source is enough to keep the rest of the home warm and comfortable.

You get the traditional wood-burning design with the conveniences of modern technology. This is an upgrade that’s worth the work and one that definitely adds more charm and value to your home.

2. Lighting

Luxury home chandelierCreate a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your home, especially in your favorite room, by using soft glow lights. The warm glow lends a soft and easy vibe to a room, making the space feel calm and relaxing while keeping it bright and well-lit.

While some rooms in the house need cool white lighting, the look can be softened with the addition of warm lighting, such as those from lamps, or switching one white bulb with a warm light bulb. The combination of cool and warm lights gives the room an active vibe while keeping the lighting easy on the eyes.

Many prefer the soft glow of warm lights as it doesn’t strain the eyes and it helps maintain a comfortably lit environment that is conducive for work or sleep. If you’re not sure where to start, do your bedroom first, starting with your night lights.

If you want to go all the way, changing your ceiling light is the best route to take. Take it up a notch by choosing a bedroom chandelier that fits your room’s design and works with your space. The charming upgrade is sure to make your room look even more classy and chic.

3. Accessories

If you want to make subtle but noticeable changes, and without making a dent in your budget in doing so, go for refined art and classy pieces to dot your room to bring in some unexpected pizzazz and class to the space.

Lift the look of an otherwise basic design with a few colorful accessories. Strategically place these in areas where a pop of color or a dose of art is needed to transform these corners, creating a vibrant and well-curated space overall.

Aside from bringing in your own personality into the room’s design, art pieces and well-selected accessories can upgrade the look of any room without having to change major furniture pieces and without having to do any paint work to change the color mood of the room.

It can be in the form of a colorful painting, layering throw pillow shades, adding fresh flowers or placing indoor plants in the corner of the room; room accessories are the quickest way to liven up a space and give it a fresh new look, without breaking the bank.

So if you’ve done all your spring cleaning but still feel like you need to do a little bit more to create a warm, cozy, and inviting space, consider these three easy home upgrades that are perfect for the season and will give you a beautiful living space all year round.

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