Never Go Out of Style: Color Schemes That Bring Timeless Elegance to Your Home

There’s no better and more affordable way to freshen up your home than by applying a fresh coat of paint onto your walls. But because Filipinos are notorious DIYers, you must be careful. This project can turn into a costly and unsightly nightmare if you’re not careful with the paint color you choose for your home or condo in Pasig. What’s more, you need to match the furniture and décor so you’d have a cohesive and elegant design.

But, how do you go about choosing the right color scheme for your home?

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Your personality should reflect on your home décor, upholstery, and paint color. One way to choose a color scheme that works for you is by taking cues from the clothes you wear. Do you look especially amazing in navy blue? Maybe you glow in citrus and cream clothes? You should dress your home in colors that flatter you.

Finally, make sure to use the Rule of 60-30-10. It’s a timeless decorating rule that will help you create a balanced color scheme. The 60 percent is for the large accents in your room, such as the walls and floors; the 30 percent is for the color of secondary things like your furniture and upholstery; and finally, the 10 percent is for the accent colors that are visible in your décor.

Timeless Color Palettes for Every Room in Your Home

As much as it can be fun to explore, you should avoid using the “Color of the Year.” It’s already in the title: it’s just the color of the year. If you invest in paint and furniture that follows this, the trend is likely to go out of style the following year.

For a truly timeless and value-adding look, try these color palettes for the different rooms of your home:

Neutral Nudes

Neutral colors provide the perfect background for any room. You can paint your walls a shade of ivory and use taupe-colored furniture. Add beige accents and you’ll have a room that’s neutral but warm. For a pop of color, you should consider adding a vase of pink flowers or a leafy houseplant. This palette is perfect for a relaxing living room.

Neat and Nautical

neat and nautical

You don’t have to go for the royal blue shade to achieve an elegant color scheme. Instead, use nautical or navy blue and pair it with white. This color scheme is a tried and tested timeless combination that will surely make any room look polished and pulled together.

Cool blue walls and white cabinets and wall trimmings create a contemporary but classic look for any room. By adding wooden furniture, such as wood-framed seats and a coffee table, you can turn the feel of the room into a relaxing, coastal one. This color scheme works well with your living room and kitchen.

Rich Red

Deep hues and saturated shades make bold statements. Russet walls and a red fabric couch go together to create a warm and dark palette. Add black accents such as vases, light fixtures, or pillows to make your room look more elegant.

To keep the room from being too dark, though, make sure to use light-colored flooring and baseboards. You can also put wall decorations such as picture frames in shades of white.

Deep hues of red can raise the energy in a space, so if you have a media or entertainment room, this is a perfect palette. If you want a lively living room, create a strong impression at your entryway, or stimulate conversation in the dining room, you can never go wrong with rich red tones.

Pretty in Pink—and Gray

Light pastels embrace the classic themes of neutral colors and minimalism. There’s no better color to start with than pastel pink. Don’t worry about it being too feminine, either. Pink goes well with the colors gray and taupe.

Try painting your walls in taupe with white trimmings. Add gray upholstery on your bedspread or couch then place white and blush-colored pillows on an armchair and pink flowers in clear glass jars. When combined, all these elements create a soft and relaxed feel that can be appreciated by family members both young and old.

Classic Black and White

You think you can get through this list without black and white? Never. This color scheme is classic for a reason: you can design your home in these hues right now and it will still look appealing fifty years later. When you picture a black and white room, though, you may think that it’s austere and cold. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Add warmth to white walls and black furniture and accents by throwing in textured and patterned pieces in warm tones. Stack old books, page side out, or use bare branches as your indoor plant. A charcoal-colored couch or bedspread also makes a perfect background for patterned tawny or cinnamon-colored throw pillows.

When you’re planning to redecorate or renovate your home, it’s always a smart choice to choose timeless designs so you don’t have to change it up every season to keep up with the latest trends. The most important thing to remember, though, is to incorporate your personality with your interior design.

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