Protecting Your Property: How to Improve Your Home Security System

Homeowners shouldn’t wait until they are robbed before they start securing their property. No matter how many locks you put in your doors, home burglars will find a way to break in if the rest of your estate is exposed.

There are lots of measures you can observe to protect your property. Here are some of the most popular and time-tested ways to secure your house, so you can sleep more soundly at night.

Get a garage door

Cases of car theft continue to soar in the US. To protect your car and your other auto equipment, make sure your garage has a door. If you live in Lehi, Utah, garage door contractors offer different models of automatic garage doors, as well as repair and replacement of components. Once you have a garage door, it’s a good idea to purchase a smart remote opener, so you can easily control the door with your smartphone.

Put up a perimeter fence

It’s nice to have an open, sprawling lawn, but having an exposed lot makes your house an ideal target for thieves.

Choose a perimeter fence that doesn’t allow for any hiding or secluded spots like aluminum fencing. Your fence should be durable not only against natural elements but also against burglars who could use mesh cutters and crowbars to break in. Also, the fence must be impossible to climb over or dig under. As reinforcement, make sure the fence has a cemented footing and spiked ends or razor wire along the top.

House with solar panels

Set up security cameras

Modern-day home security systems have a variety of security cameras with many different modes and features. The best closed-circuit security cameras should have features like two-way audio, high-definition video quality with playback options, and a wide swivel range with motion sensing and infrared or low-light mode.

To maximize the view of the cameras, install them in suitable spots like the driveway, front door, main foyer, and backyard. Larger lots may call for additional cameras. No matter the size of your property, make sure there are no blind spots in the collective field of vision of your CCTV cameras.

Upgrade your locks

It’s perhaps the oldest system of security, but the traditional lock-and-key system has kept up to be more foolproof, more robust, and more protective than ever before.

Forget simple latches and bolts for your doors and windows since burglars can easily bust through them. What you need is a lock mechanism with an integrated alarm system that automatically notifies you or even alerts the authorities in case of break-in attempts. And if you still keep your front door’s spare key under the mat or in a potted plant, you might as well shift to a code-activated lock mechanism.

Get a dog

If you’re doubtful over having a dog as home security, then look at the facts. According to a survey on convicted burglars, dogs that are visible in residential properties are just as good as a deterrent of break-ins as home security systems. While dogs are admittedly a hefty responsibility, having a pet that can bark at any sign of threat is surely worth the trouble.

Burglars are less likely to pick a house with advertised alarm systems, so the last step in enhancing your home security is to make these mechanisms apparent.

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