Electrical Connections: How to Make Your Home Safer

What doesn’t depend on electricity these days? The quality of the modern lifestyle is dependent on electricity, and without it, life as we know it won’t be the same. With the advent of the internet, a lot of people who work at home would go crazy if there is a power outage. Teens who are so immersed in their gadgets would go ballistic too. The United States alone used 4.18 trillion kWh of electricity in 2018. Electricity is really a modern blessing, but it is a dangerous thing when its safety rules are not followed. It can wreak havoc to the home when electrocution or fire happens.

Electrical Connections Safety Tips

The home is your most important investment and you can’t afford to have it ruined by electrical hazards. The need to practice fire safety is really important and the best place to begin is with the electrical connections. If ever you experience an electrical difficulty, you should avoid taking things into your own hands and instead call an emergency electrician. In Salt Lake City, there are a lot of technicians that offer on-call services if there is a home emergency. When you see sparks and flames, that means that there is already a possible emergency. This is the right time to immediately call for help. Here are some of the things that you need to check:

Plugs and chords

entangled electrical cordsRegularly check plugs and chords for worn-out casings and exposed wire components. If you observe these types of damage, make sure to replace the components immediately. Do not allow extension cords to run under carpets because if there is an exposed wire, there is a good chance that fire will start here.


Lamps should be placed on a flat level surface and should be at least one foot away from anything flammable like a drape or curtain. Use only lightbulbs that are below the maximum wattage allowed by your lamp.


Major appliances like refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners, washers, and water heaters should be plugged directly to the wall. You should not use any extension chord for these. Heaters, coffee makers, toasters and electric irons should be kept at a good distance from flammable items paper like napkins and potholders.

More Safety Considerations

If you have children, you have to make sure that your electrical connections are childproof. With the help of a licensed electrician, consider revamping your connections with tamper-resistant receptacles. Even as early as 2008, all new and renovated houses are required to use tamper-resistant receptacles because of safety concerns. There are circuit breakers that shut off when conditions reach dangerous levels.

Electricity is a modern blessing we can’t do away with. The home is a meaningful place because of the conveniences that electricity brought. But we need to observe safety rules if we have to continue to enjoy it without suffering that havoc that it can potentially bring. If we are remiss in this area, the dangers that we can potentially suffer are unimaginable. Follow the tips in this article and be safe.

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