Potential Pest Infestation with Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems don’t just lead to indoor flooding and higher water bill. They could also attract rodents and insects inside your home causing further damage your pipes, as well as other parts of the house. Such problems could also contribute to health problems, especially when pests like rats and cockroaches contaminate your family’s food sources.

Areas with a high level of moisture are susceptible to pest infestation as they provide both warmth and humidity where insects can thrive. Moisture problems usually exist in basements, as this space is usually darker, cooler, and drafty. It is also where household pipes are installed, and problems like leaks or mold go undetected.

Plumbers in Millcreek, Utah suggest inspecting different areas of the house to detect leaks and fix them right away. This is to discourage pest infestation, property damage, and food contamination. Here are some of the areas you should check indoors:


Cockroaches and other insects tend to drink water from dripping faucets, as well as leaky pipes and gaps around them. This only makes it important to inspect the parts of your faucets and pipes to find leaks and fix them. Be sure to check underneath the sink, as this where leaks usually go undetected. Dampness, puddles, and stain under plumbing sinks are some signs of under sink plumbing problems.

Plumbing in basement/crawlspaces

man fixing a pipe in the basementIf you have plumbing installed in the basement, inspect the pipes that run across the ceiling. Don’t forget to ignore a broken basement window, as this contributes to high moisture levels and potential pest infestation. The same may also happen if you have an unfinished basement. It is also advisable to search for water stains in the basement ceiling, as this means leak or moisture issues.

Water-consuming appliances

Washing machines and dishwashers, especially old and faulty ones, may start to leak or malfunction at unexpected times. This is why you should take extra effort to take good care of them to avoid problems or constant repair. It is also a good idea to call a pro if you think that your dishwasher or washing machine requires repair or replacement.

Water heater

Lack of maintenance and broken parts can cause your water heater to leak or become inefficient. Common signs of leaks include water pooling near the heater and dripping water from the tank or pipes. If you see or suspect leaks, it is best to call your plumber to check your heater and avoid more problems and potential infestation. You should also look for other signs your heater is about to fail.


Apart from keeping the bathroom clean, you can also avoid pest infestation in the space by making sure that the pipes in them are properly sealed. Caulking or sealing around the shower, tub, and sink can help prevent smaller pests from entering your home through tiny gaps or openings. It is also advisable to check the grout around the tub and toilet, as well as the seal in the toilet wax rings. Failure to do can cause little leaks every time you flush.

Address plumbing issues immediately to avoid pest infestation. Work with reliable plumbers for repairs and maintenance of your pipes and plumbing system.

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