Make Sure Your Parents Retire in a Tailor-Made Home with These Tips

For elderly family members, living in comfort is more of a necessity than a luxury. With their health issues becoming more apparent, seniors need a home optimized for mobility, accessibility, and visibility.

Remodeling a house around these needs may entail a hefty cost. Whether you’re buying a new house or renovating an old one, it helps to seek financial support. Look for a lender that offers the most flexible and amicable renovation loans and home loans for San Antonio households, so you can be sure your parents retire to a house that caters to their capacities. If you have the funds, then it’s time to get to work.

For safety

The most relevant renovation you can do to a senior’s home to ensure safety would have to be fitting a slip-resistant flooring. This can be cork, vinyl, linoleum, or rubber. This slip-resistant flooring should go with recessed LED lighting fixtures that provide visibility in every entry point. You can also go for electronic door chimes, so seniors, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease, can stay alert when entering a room. Install grab bars around the shower area and metal rods around the toilet, so your parents can get in and out of safely.

For mobility

To facilitate a senior family member’s movement around the house, you can renovate stairs to have wider platforms and lower step height or install exterior ramps. More drastic measures include installing an electric chair lift or setting up an elevator. Doorways should also be wide enough to fit wheelchairs. In the bathroom, consider replacing traditional bathtubs with step-through bathtubs, or just opt for walk-in showers. Generally, homes for the aged should refrain from having multiple levels and numerous room partitions, so it would be easier for them to get around.

For accessibility

Your home should comply with universal design, which focuses on keeping the home accessible and functional for everyone despite age and physical incapacities. This should manifest in small yet ever-present features, such as changing doorknobs to levers or shifting to automatic doors altogether. Another example is lowering wall switches and making power outlets closer to reach. For the bathroom, you can replace traditional knob faucets to those with blade handles or motion controls.  You can also install toilets with automatic flushing mechanisms.

For comfort

To guarantee that your folk’s lives are as comfortable as possible, you can set up a programmable thermostat with a readable display and easy-to-use functions. You can also fix up a home intercom system for easier communication around the house, or set up phone access in the bedroom.

Speaking of the bedroom, it’s a good idea to buy an adjustable bed with wireless hand control to avoid body pains related to the quality of their sleep. You can also furnish living rooms with ergonomic sofas, so your elderly parents can relax in different parts of the house.

For fun

seniors chatting in the living room

Of course, the elderly shouldn’t be deprived of a little recreation. After all, they’ll have lots of time around the house once they’re retired.

To make life easier and more enjoyable, you can invest in a voice-activated assistant like Alexa or Siri. These AI-enabled devices can help control their network of smart-enabled appliances around the house. Also, simple gestures like decorating the walls with fond photos and memorabilia help brighten their mood. You can also construct an accessible recessed bookcase, so they can read in their spare time.

Pay attention to the needs of your parents when renovating a home. Doing so doesn’t only ensure your parents’ safety and convenience. But it also adds value to the property, a value that perhaps you may also need in the future.

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