Pesky Toilet Problems You Can’t Repair on Your Own

It’s always a hassle when the toilet’s not working smoothly. But this is especially troublesome when several people live in one space, and they share the same toilet, causing further issues. With online guides and different tools at our disposal these days, it’s easy to want to do a quick fix you can manage yourself. However, some problems may only get worse if you try to do it yourself. Here are a few issues you should be wary about repairing by yourself.

  • Persistent Clogging

Man flushing the toilet manually

Plumbing contractors in Murray, Utah, say that one of the most common incidents they need to tackle is a toilet that is clogged beyond recognition. Of course, the first go-to is to use a plunger, but if that doesn’t do the trick, it means there are underlying issues. Many people try to remedy this on their own by using different methods like pouring drain cleaners and hooking or snaking out whatever is causing the blockage in there.

However, if clogging is persistent, it’s most likely no longer just because of too much waste. These quick fixes may likely have even lodged some things further down the piping, which makes it more complicated on top of the water pressure, possibly not being strong enough.

When this happens, it’s best to call a professional to find the source of the clogging, clean it out, and mitigate any damage that might have occurred.

  • Continuous Leaks

fixing water pipes

Leaks can be nasty to deal with and often cause a lot of waste, so it’s pertinent to find the source efficiently and quickly. Whether it’s to do with a failing valve, a crack, or draining problems, it’s a lot of work that needs a specific set of tools and know-how to work around without adding more issues along the way. Without the proper skills, you could end up creating more damage and even causing the leak to either gush out more or expand.

Doing repairs yourself can cause more problems. It is also some dirty work that you may not be prepared for, especially if you’re not used to working with plumbing and filth that can build up from the bowels of your toilet.

  • Vent Issues

A lot of problems that happen with toilets can be traced back to the vents having problems. Faulty flushing systems and piled up air bubbles in the water can be because the vents in the plumbing are either clogged or broken. Determining whether this is the cause or some other mechanical issue would have to be left to the assessment of a trustworthy plumber who can differentiate between the problems and apply a fix that lasts.

Although you may want to try to do these various repairs on your own, doing so can cost you more expenses in the long run, especially if you can’t do the repairs correctly. This idea is as opposed to investing in the services of a reliable plumbing contractor that can finish the job and cover all bases on time. So before you decide on repairing a toilet problem, consider whether you can DIY it or call someone knowledgeable enough to help.

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