Reducing Accidents by Making Your Home Senior-Friendly

When you live with your extended family, you have people of all ages living in your home, which can range from small children to senior citizens. Both need special care in their everyday living, and for some households, it can sometimes extend to home modifications.

Elderly residents especially need care, if you want them to be able to go around the house with no problem. There are a lot of the renovations necessary to be done to the house to make it safer and more accessible to them. However, most homeowners have no idea where to start.

Fret not, as we will explore below the various factors in making your home senior-friendly.

Movement Friendly

Make your home fall-proof to avoid any untoward accidents and injuries from tripping. Ensure that the handrails on stairs can be grabbed easily and are not too slippery to the grip. Install rubber slip-proof material on staircases to prevent the feet from sliding off when using them.

A possible option is installing a wheelchair lift in Salt Lake City, Utah homes as an alternative to climbing stairs. This minimizes the strain on the body and lessens the risks of accidents happening to elderlies who have a hard time walking.

Easy Appliance and Item Accessibility

Consider upgrading to senior-friendly appliances to allow easy access and usage. This allows the elderly to continue their everyday way of living and prevent them from feeling like a burden to the household. It also gives them a chance to pursue hobbies, such as cooking and baking.

Modify your item storage to open shelves and try to remove the hassle of opening and closing cabinets. If needed, use glass doors for cabinets so that the items inside can be easily identified. Also, use large labels that can be read from afar by even those with poor vision.

Increased Safety in the Restroom

One of the places in the house the elderly are most wary of is the bathroom, due to the increased chance of slipping and falling. However, here are a few pointers to keep in mind to make the bathroom not only safe for access but also comfortable to use.

Install U-shaped grab handlebars for places where you will need to sit down and stand up, such as the toilet and bathtub. Convert your shower from overhead to handheld one for more comfortable use. Consider installing a shower chair to make bathing more comfortable and safer.

Adequate Lighting

Elderly couple dancing

Your home needs to be well lit to reduce the risk of accidents. Increase the wattage of your light bulbs and install various light sources throughout the house. Another option is to increase the natural light that enters your home by installing skylights or increasing your windows.

Make sure that your light switches can be toggled easily even by occupied hands and place them at a height where the user will not need to reach up or crouch down to use. Use motion-detecting lights in corridors and stairs to allow easy visibility when moving around at night.

Besides helping the elderly of your household, modifying your home to be senior-friendly can also benefit you in the future. If you intend to continue living in your home even when you grow old and retire, these upgrades will serve you well and help you live a comfortable retired life.

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