Laid Back Living in Geelong: Why You Should Move to the City of Design

All across Australia, population growth is becoming concentrated in the big cities as increasing numbers of young professionals seek better opportunities, lifestyle, and urban amenities in the capitals. This trend is accompanied by a rise in the price of rent and housing and an overall squeeze in the cost of living. Intangibles, such as commuting, can also eat away at your time and energy, leaving you tired at the end of each day.

For many people, that’s just the price you pay for living in a big city, and it can be worthwhile. But what if there’s an alternative? If you consider a city like Geelong, you might just be able to strike a perfect balance between making a living and enjoying life – here’s why.

Affordable property

With a median price of less than $450,000, housing in Geelong is not only affordable – it gives you options. As you look at land for sale around Geelong, you’ll have plenty of choices to suit your needs and priorities – from size and layout to proximity to different amenities and attractions.

Unlike the crowded scene in the capital cities, Geelong and surrounding areas offer a great range of price points whether it’s a large family home or cozy solo digs you’re after. And you can choose from suburbs located near growth hubs, or coastal areas with great water views.

Good business scene

Geelong’s economy is growing, with an unemployment rate that’s even lower than parts of Melbourne. And the lower cost of living here has a trickle-down effect. Commercial leases for warehouse and office space are significantly cheaper, driving down the cost of business. The area’s excellent education options and overall affordability serve as magnets to young talent, creating an innovative and dynamic workforce with high potential. It’s also Australia’s only recognised UNESCO City of Design. If you’ve always wanted to start a small business, Geelong offers a perfect opportunity to launch your startup with a lower entry cost.

streets at a business district

Getting around is easy

If you’ve gotten used to the traffic of big cities, the relaxed pace and lack of congestion in Geelong will be a welcome change. You can easily drive to work, get around and explore the many attractions, changing the scenery from the city centre to trees to the beach in half an hour. And the same lack of traffic also makes it enjoyable to bike around as an alternative.

And if you’re worried about access to other cities, such as Melbourne, the regional train line has been recently upgraded, making it a manageable commute even during the morning and evening rush hours. Avalon Airport is 20 minutes by car. It’s a pretty big upgrade over the daily commute you’d experience in a capital city.

Lifestyle options

Geelong enjoys that laid back lifestyle and temperate weather without compromising on urban amenities. The city has plenty of great food and shopping options to go with its numerous art installations and cultural attractions. As you might expect from one of the country’s thriving hubs for artists and creatives, there are several trails in Central Geelong where you can explore galleries and exhibits, or admire street art and performances. And of course, you can hit the beaches anytime you fancy.

While many cities in Australia offer some of these things, you won’t find the same fantastic mix of affordability, opportunity, a thriving art scene, splendid beaches, and a relaxed pace of life anywhere but Geelong.

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