Practical Investment Ideas in Australia

Locals and foreign investors are attracted to grow their money or start a business in Australia. The steady economic growth, dynamic industries, and modern innovations are only some of the most common factors that drive people to look for income-generating properties in the country. According to Austrade’s Benchmark Report for 2019, Australia’s economic growth increases by 3.2% every year. This makes it one of the top countries where people can make low-risk investments.

If you are one of those who are looking forward to investing in Australia, you need to learn more about the top sectors and best businesses to do in the country. Mining, manufacturing, real estate, construction, and communication are among the top sectors in Australia. If you want to build a business, you can focus on these sectors.

To help you get a better idea of which investment to make, here are some recommendations that you could try:

Investment Ideas in Australia

  • Property — You can check out residential, commercial, or rental properties in Sydney or Brisbane. You can also check out the land properties for sale in Northern Melbourne. There are various opportunities that you can choose from if you decide to invest in properties in Australia. The country has tons of development projects and different property investment opportunities where you can generate additional income. You just need to check which one is the best option depending on your budget, preferences and capabilities. For example, you need to take note that acquiring a land cost less compared to a commercial building or property. So, if you have a limited budget, it’s best to choose to purchase a piece of land rather than a ready-made commercial building.
  • Cash Investments — Opening a savings account or investing in term deposits is a type of cash investment. This is one of the investments with the lowest risks. Although the returns are not that high, it’s still a great option, especially if you simply plan to save money for future use.
  • Managed Funds — This provides you with an opportunity to pool your money in different Australia shares, cash or property. The benefit of investing in a managed fund is that you can access to different types of investments and diversify your portfolio.

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  • Annuities — If you plan to retire in Australia, your best bet for investment are annuities. This helps you save your money on a regular basis. This can be a short-term or long-term investment depending on your goals. If you want a source of income for your retirement, this is a great option.
  • Commodity Investment—Another great option to build wealth is to invest in commodities. These are agricultural products or raw materials which are valuable on a global scale. Commodities include metals (gold, silver, platinum), livestock (feeder cattle, lean hogs), agricultural products (soybeans, rice, coffee, sugar) or energy (gasoline, crude oil, natural gas).
  • P2P Lending—Peer-to-peer lending is a high-risk investment, but it can also give you high returns. In this type of investment, you serve as a bank for clients who need to borrow money. The amount of money borrowed from you is returned with potentially high-interest rates.

If you plan to build your investment portfolio in Australia, you can refer to the options mentioned above. Be sure to do enough research before choosing where to invest your money in. Check out the risks and challenges that you might possibly face on that particular investment type. If you must, consult a professional adviser to assist you in choosing the right investment.

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