Improve Your Home with a Low Budget

More than $6,000 per year is spent on home improvement, according to a recent NBC report. As such, most homeowners look for budget DIY hacks first before going to a general contractor here in Salt Lake City.

Many cases still require a full home remodeling project or a commercial project that needs the expertise of contractors. But before they go on board, there are still some improvements you can do from your end without breaking the bank.

Before shelling out that six grand, here are some improvements that don’t go above $100 to implement:

Power Up Your Plant Containers

You can go and spice up the plant layouts in the garden by playing up the plant containers a little. If you are more daring, you can even put in glow in the dark stickers to some pots so that it has some nice ring to it in the evenings or during darker times of the day.

Your overall landscaping will be accentuated by this small plant container hack, for sure.

Walls and Ceilings

You don’t just need to put expensive paintings, but even run-of-the-mill wallpapers can do the trick. Many artistic people are wallpaper fans for a good reason. You can also change it up every few months or so depending on your sense of style.

You can have holiday themes matching with the wall colors if you want. Walls and ceilings are prominent in the home and produce a lot of visual appeal when colored in the right way or rendered with the right type of classy wallpaper and wall decorations.

Paint Your Floor Red (or Some Other Exciting Color)

Not to be taken too literally, but painting your floor and having a nicer finish to its surface brings a little facelift to the entire facility or room. You don’t always need vinyl flooring to make your floor look vintage. Sometimes, the right linoleum already does the trick and for a very small fraction of the original cost.

Trust your instinct or get an expert eye to take a look at your home’s color combinations to find the right floor color that suits your needs.

Classy Rugs and Pot Holders

In the same way that a signature shades can complete your summer look, rugs, pot holders and other tiny items in the home can also serve the same purpose for your home. You can put in a classy new rug in the house, and it will already brighten your living room without any additional changes required on your end.

You can also try playing with the patterns of rugs in other places in the home, pot holders and aprons in the kitchen, and other tiny household items that are frequently seen by your visitors.

Drawers and Cabinets

Close up of cabinetry drawers in a new contemporary white kitchen renovation

You can repaint your drawers or cabinets or even get a new one, depending on your budget. You can go as simple as just replacing the handles to repainting them all to your heart’s content. And either way, you don’t go over budget.

Making a home beautiful and consistently comfortable to live in is a collaborative effort between the homeowners and experts like general contractors who renovate a home. Coordinate with the best contractor but don’t be afraid to try out new things for your home on your own if there is a DIY method that you can accomplish before the experts come in.

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