How to Brighten Your Loft

Are you looking to turn your house into a home? One of the projects that you could start is the loft conversion. Then, you can work your way downwards. Since the cost of converting a loft can be as high as £45,000, you will do well to plan carefully.

Ask the best home refurbishment professionals in Tunbridge Wells to work for you. You need to be prepared for the challenge of converting your loft. One of the most significant issues you might face is the lack of proper lighting. But there are several options you should consider even as you prepare to refurbish your space.

   1. Install a skylight

One of the easiest ways to bring natural light into your loft space is installing a skylight. This is a window set on your roof at the same angle as the roof structure. You can have one big skylight or multiple skylights to bring in light through different points of your loft. And if you like, you can have professionals design a customized window just for you.

Not only does a skylight bring in natural light, but it can also be used for passive solar heating. These kinds of windows can also improve ventilation within your loft space. Additionally, a skylight will provide you with a connection to the outdoors.

   2. Install dormer windows

Dormer windows can bring in more natural light. But they are designed in such a way that they extend vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof. Because of this, dormer windows also increase the usable space in the loft.

Loft roomThe average cost of a dormer window unit is £925. But the benefits of installing these windows make it well worth the effort. Not only do they increase the natural light in a loft, but they also add character and style to the outer part of the home, thus making it more attractive.

Furthermore, dormer windows improve ventilation. And the increased space created by the dormer window can be used as a storage space, a reading nook, or extra seating space.

   3. Artificial lighting

Even if you can bring in natural light by installing a skylight and dormer windows, you still need to be able to see at night. And that’s where artificial lighting comes in. You must ensure that the electrical work is updated in the loft space during your home refurbishment.

You can install many types of lights. Some can improve the atmosphere; others can help you perform tasks like reading. Other lights can substitute daylight if the natural light in the loft space is not enough. It’s up to you to decide what will work in the loft that you will be converting. And interior designer can help you decide.

In the end, there is so much you can do with the space in your loft. But if you want to enjoy the changes that you create after refurbishment, you need to see them. For that reason, ensure that you factor in the lighting at the beginning.

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