How to Make Life Easier When Raising a Baby in a Condo

Adding a child to your family takes up more space, and when space is already so limited in the first place, it can be challenging to raise your baby comfortably. Nevertheless, there are many ways you can make life in a condo easier–even with a baby in the household.

1. Downsize your belongings

Before you even look for a condo for sale, it’s wise to downsize your belongings first. Doing so will leave you with more space to work with when the baby eventually comes.

There are several ways you can downsize your belongings. You can donate stuff that you no longer use, sell items that still have value, and trade large pieces of furniture for smaller ones. Whatever strategy you use, the goal is to keep your belongings at a reasonable number. In a small condo, having less stuff makes a big difference.

2. Childproof the place

Childproofing is easier when you’re in a small condo, given the limited space that you have to childproof. There are also fewer doors and stairs to worry about. However, there are new dangers present that you have to address, such as windows and balconies. To maintain your child’s safety, install high window locks and heavy-duty locks on balconies.

3. Spend more time outdoors

Staying cooped up indoors for long periods is not good for you nor your child, especially in a small space. If you live in a condo with an outdoor area, take advantage of it and get some fresh air. If not, go to a nearby park or garden that is accessible to the public.

4. Buy a smaller stroller

A big stroller will be more challenging to maneuver in elevators and narrow hallways of your condo. Buy a small to medium-sized stroller instead.

5. Limit the baby stuff

As a parent, buying new stuff for your baby is exciting and fun. However, don’t let it lead you to overbuying clothes, toys, toiletries, and other baby necessities. Otherwise, you could end up overcrowding your storage areas and making your condo look cluttered.

6. Consider soundproofing their room

In a condo, loud noises can travel through cement walls, and you definitely don’t want your baby’s crying to wake up the whole hallway. To keep the peace and maintain your sanity as well, soundproof your baby’s room by setting up sound-absorbing blankets on the door, placing a bookshelf against the wall, or hanging soundproof art panels.

This trick also works both ways. When your baby’s room is soundproofed, it will decrease the chances of waking them up when someone drops a pot in the kitchen that’s ten feet away.

7. Invest in foldable baby furniture

When choosing baby furniture, opt for the ones that can be folded and tucked away when not in use. In this way, you can put away the playpen or baby swing quickly when you need the extra space.

8. Take advantage of condo amenities

As a new parent, you have little to no time for yourself. When you do have the free time away from the baby, you can choose to make the most out of it by taking advantage of the condo’s amenities. Take a dip in the pool, hit the gym, or just lounge by the outdoor area. Aside from being free of charge, using the amenities eliminates the need to travel and gives you more time to relax.

9. Be a friendly neighbor

Even if you don’t have a baby in the condo, being friendly to your neighbors is a good thing. But when you bring a baby home, being a good neighbor can be beneficial for you. For instance, if your neighbors see you as a friendly and pleasant person, they might be more willing to cut you some slack when your baby starts wailing at 2 AM. Moreover, your neighbors are the first people you can seek help from when there’s an emergency, and they might also be willing to babysit.

10. Invest in storage

baby room

In any small space, having proper storage is the best way to keep things clean and orderly. Thus, when you have a baby in the condo, invest in highly-functional storage that won’t take up much space.

Is it possible to raise a baby in a condo? Yes, definitely. Is it going to be as easy as raising them in a regular-sized home? Probably not. However, there are certain advantages to raising a baby in a condo. For one, you can save more money for your family’s future. Moreover, you can have more time for the family due to the shorter commute, as well as better access to schools, hospitals, and entertainment options.

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