Parents’ Remorse Triggers When Childproofing Their Homes

It is every parent’s job to make sure the house is safe for their kids. Many have devoted to childproofing their home even before their babies are born. But no matter how much experience you have in caring and raising children, one should never let their guard down. This is since potential dangers can be lurking within the comforts of your home without you realizing it.

Every decision parents make can have a great impact on one’s child safety. This is not limited to the food we feed them and the things we let them play with. It also has something to do with last-minute decisions that can result in safety hazards no parent would want their kids to encounter. Some common mistakes parents make that lead to child safety concerns are as follows.

Home improvement mistakes

Most people make certain home improvements to prepare the house for the kid’s arrival. Among the top priorities is the child’s nursery. Yet even with a parent’s watchful eye, many forget to consider every little aspect when renovating a nursery.

For one, parents tend to go for window treatments that will match their nursery’s design. Most parents would go for blinds since these can improve a room’s aesthetics while giving a nursery a nice ambiance. But according to a study, one of the usual causes of kids’ strangulation at home is due to blinds injury. To make sure your window treatment is babyproof, only choose new products that meet safety standards. Go for quality custom window blinds and let the pros handle the installation to be on the safe side.

You may have considered every potential safety hazard when renovating your home. But there are lots of other things that can put your baby at risk. A neighbor’s pool, your deck, or even that friendly dog your neighbor has across the street can be harmful to your kid. Aside from not leaving your child unsupervised, it pays to take extra precautionary measures like fencing your property and investing in door alarms.

Reckless visitor arrangements

family at home

Parents try hard to make the house safe for the kids. But sometimes, the real hazards come with our home visitors. For example, you have an old friend who’s coming over to catch up. Even your child’s grandma who wants to spend time with your child can potentially be a safety hazard to your little one.

It is not enough that you keep guests away from kids if they are sick. Even the things they bring inside the home can be a concern. Someone else’s purse can contain sharp objects and even a variety of medications. According to statistics, accidental medication poisoning is one of the leading reasons why children are rushed to the ER each year. You don’t want your kids to have access to whatever medications that can potentially harm them. So, make sure to ask your guests to leave their belongings in their car or have them place their things out of the kid’s reach.

Many parents regret thinking things through when improving their homes. You may be too excited to welcome your kids and only wants them to have the best room to stay in. You may also long for your family and friends. But it is only necessary that we consider every aspect to ensure our kids’ safety won’t be compromised in the future. Keep these remorse triggers in mind so you won’t make the same mistakes other parents were unfortunate enough to make.

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