How Much Does it Cost in Ogden to Level Concrete?

Homeowners in Ogden should expect to spend at least $338 for concrete leveling service, although most people in the city usually spend $1,035 for professional service.

Take note that prices for concrete lifting in Ogden may be different from a leveling service. Certain solutions such as mudjacking may be cheaper, but it’s not always the obvious choice for every situation. You should consult at least three different concrete lifting companies in the city when inquiring about the right solution. At the same time, it’s easier to negotiate a fair rate when you know the standard quotes in your area.

Know Your Options

Mudjacking and polyurethane foam leveling comprise two of the most common ways for repairing concrete slabs. The former involves concrete pouring beneath the existing slabs, which would then fix uneven surfaces. You can choose mudjacking for driveways, garage floors, patios and non-load bearing parts of a foundation.

On the other hand, the process of foam leveling shares some similarities with mudjacking. The difference lies in the cost and required hours of completing repairs. Choose polyurethane foam if you don’t like to a longer downtime on resolving concrete problems, but you should be ready to spend more on this service.

Homes with foundations that are reinforced with steel beams will not be suitable for either mudjacking or foam leveling. You will need a different solution in this case since these two options only apply to houses that have a slab foundation.

Choosing Between Mudjacking and Foam Leveling

Troweling mortar onto a concrete floor

As mentioned, mudjacking has been a cheap and common way to fix problems with a home’s foundation. Foam leveling, however, also became more popular because of its less invasive approach than mudjacking. When deciding between the two, take note that mudjacking requires drilling holes with up to two inches in diameter. Foam leveling also involves drilling holes but only measure around 5/8 of an inch in size.

The concept of foam leveling costs more due to the use of polyurethane. Cementitious grout used in mudjacking ranges costs up to $5 per square foot. The price of polyurethane foam can be up to five times the price of that price. The higher price should be irrelevant when you need to repair a sunken foundation, as mudjacking may not completely seal cracks.

In terms of value for money, foam leveling usually lasts longer and provides better results depending on the quality of work. If you plan to hire a general contractor for concrete leveling, your total expenses in Ogden may increase by $124 up to $155 as payment for the company’s fees. Some homeowners may even spend up to $1,934 for concrete leveling service.

Concrete lifting or leveling service in Ogden may be expensive, but it remains a more affordable choice than replacing concrete and pouring it again on your driveway or foundation. While rates among contractors in Weber County are mostly similar, you should still ask for quotes from at least three different service providers to know the most reasonable price.

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