Handling Hit-and-run Accidents: Pointers for New Drivers

Over 500 hit-and-run cases are reported in Denver monthly. These cases not only involve cars but pedestrians as well. As beginners or responsible drivers, it’s essential to equip yourselves with knowledge on the standard procedures in case you encounter one.

Dealing with a hit-and-run is such a stressful and aggravating situation to be in, especially if you’re the victim. However, giving in to your emotions can only cause more problems. No matter how frustrating it gets on the road, keep calm and confront the problem gracefully.

Practice “Safety First” Procedures

Your guts would surely tell you to chase the other vehicle—don’t. Chances are, it would just be in vain and would do you no good. Instead, if you can move your car, stay on the scene and pull over to a safe location. It’s advisable to stay away from oncoming traffic and turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers of your situation. The last thing you would want is to cause more problems on the road. Likewise, check for injuries that you or your passengers sustained. For serious injuries, seek help from a car injury attorney in Denver as soon as possible.

Record or Recall as Much Information as You Can

Keep your presence of mind. Try to recall important details of the other vehicle such as the license plate number, the model, and the direction it went after the incident. Take note of the approximate time and location of the accident. Also, you should provide pictures of the scene and damages to your car. Footages from your dashcam, if any, can also be used to gather further evidence. These are all vital information that can help the police in tracking the other driver. Looking for potential witnesses is another efficient way to collect more information about the other car. Be sure to jot down their names, addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses for future reference.

Report the Incident to the Police


Contact the appropriate agency as soon as possible to file an accident report. Supply all the necessary details accordingly and as accurately as you can. Provide the exact location of the accident so that they can attend to your needs quickly. Lastly, write down the names and contact details of the attending police officers and emergency workers. This way, you can immediately request for updates and follow up on your case’s status.

Contact Your Insurance Company or Auto Injury Lawyer

Your insurance company should be able to work on processing the claims as soon as you have provided them with the necessary information. For hit-and-run injuries, you can hire an auto injury lawyer to file a claim for personal injury. For accidents like these, it is highly suggested to seek professional and legal help to get you the compensation you deserve.

Road accidents are unpredictable. However, knowing how to deal with them accordingly can save you more time, effort, and money. Whenever such incidents happen, always be the bigger person on the road and settle matters maturely and logically.

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