How Cockroaches Can Cause A Person To Develop Allergy

Countless studies proved that cockroach infestation is a considerable health hazard waiting to happen. It’s often associated with filth and food contamination which can be a cause for direct transmission of disease.

Most of the studies have found that cockroaches also feed on human waste. Even worse, they transfer pathogens and even excrete them.

Cockroaches are known to be carriers of various bacteria and funguses, which they bring with them from one place to another. But the worst part of it is asthma caused by exposure to cockroaches.

Cockroach allergy

Aside from being pests, cockroaches can also trigger allergic reactions, too. The saliva and other secretions of cockroaches can cause allergy and asthma attacks to a person.

Most people who suffer from cockroach allergy show signs of coughing and skin rash. They also suffer from nasal congestion, ear, and sinus infection. In most cases, experts at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology say that these symptoms become chronic and even lasts even if it’s not in season.

How to manage your cockroach allergy

Child with itchy legs

If you notice any of the symptoms, then it’s best to consult an allergist so that he or she can conduct a skin test. The test primarily involves an application of the diluted allergen to your skin’s surface. The doctor will then wait for 15 minutes and observe if there’s any reaction. If the doctor sees any raised, red, and itchy patches on your skin, then your allergist will recommend the right medications. It can either be prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicines to help relieve your allergic reaction. He or she can also recommend allergy shots of both drugs are not enough.

Same with handling termites, you can call for residential inspections in Salt Lake City to see if there is a cockroach infestation in your home. They can help you get rid of it much more efficiently.

Also, try to keep your house clean, especially your kitchen. That’s because this is where people usually prepare and store their food. Ensure that you seal all food containers as well as your garbage cans. Also, check out for any leaks and fix it immediately so you cockroaches won’t have any access to water. Throw away any newspapers or magazines that you’re no longer using. Also, don’t store dirty piles lying around. Doing so will only attract more cockroaches to live inside your house.

Meanwhile, if you’ll be using baits to manage these critters, ensure to put it in areas where kids won’t reach them. There are various commercially available baits in the market today. Choose the one that you think will be best for attracting the cockroaches in your area.

Cockroaches can be a huge problem, especially if you weren’t able to manage it immediately. That’s why it’s best to ensure that your place is clean all the time to prevent cockroaches from wreaking havoc inside your home. Never leave any food unsealed so cockroaches so that you won’t attract more pests. If all else fail, you can always call an exterminator for help.


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