Decluttering Dilemma: Separating Junk from the Good Stuff

Things can pile on through the years, and it’s hard to notice just how bad things are getting when responsibilities and the fast pace of life are getting in the way. Eventually, though, your attention might be taken when you realize there’s no more room in your garage or you have a bunch of stuff just lying around catching dust. So, it’s time to declutter. But what do you get rid of?

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask so you can adequately identify which things you can bid farewell to.

  • Is it still functional?

It is arguably the most important question you want to ask first, no matter what item you have at hand. If it’s no longer in any usable state, there’s no reason to have it with you. That can also help you if you’ve got things that have been left dormant for a long time but may still serve some purpose when rediscovered. For instance, there are a lot of used SUVs that have been put up for sale because their owners have stopped using them, and yet they are still perfectly drivable. Test out your gear first and foremost.

  • Is there a duplicate?

The next step is to check how many you have of the same thing. After all, unless you’re planning to run some business or open up a museum, nobody needs ten of anything (usually). If you have three of the same shirts piled in the back of the hamper or six old chargers for a phone model you no longer have, it’s most likely for the best to send them off.

  • Does it still have value?

Another thing to consider is the financial value of the item. That can be the deciding factor between just giving it away, throwing it, or selling it. Have a vintage record you have no room for? See how much it still sells for. Got a damaged set of playing cards with a missing Ace? Chuck it.

Surveys have revealed that a lot of people keep too much stuff that doesn’t carry much value anymore simply because they are procrastinating the clean-up, or they feel sentimental.

  • Does it have any emotional meaning?

Decluttering Dilemma: Separating Junk from the Good Stuff

That brings us to this question. If the item is significant for you, then, by all means, find a suitable spot to keep it in and make sure it stays clean. Otherwise, consider whether you want these items in your house. Think about how much weight they carry in terms of your emotional value. While your baby’s first blanket is one for the keeping, a ticket stub for a date that you never saw again may not be worth the mess.

  • Is there still enough storage space?

It’s still a practical measure that falls to figuring out how much space you have for storage. If you can no longer traverse your garage or your bedroom is turning into a jungle gym of sorts, then you have to get into stricter measures about what types of things get to take up room.

Go through these questions as you clear things out, and the process should be smoother.

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