Garage Organization: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Many people live in a messy and disorganized home. Instead of feeling relaxed, they feel stressed. And most of the time, it’s not even their fault. Maybe they’re too busy with work and barely spend any time at home. Or your kids create a mess faster than you can clean it up. Regardless of our reasons, we simply can’t deny that our homes are a mess.

And it’s not just our home. The garage is a messy place as well. Cleaning our living spaces is something we often talk about, the garage is often left out of the equation. After all, it’s where we store things that we don’t want to keep in our home, stuff like gardening tools, bicycles, and sports gear.

One way to get the clutter under control is to invest in storage and Infinite Garage Doors. They can help reduce the mess in our spaces, organize our storage systems, and store items more safely and efficiently. Here are a few tips for organizing your garage.

1. Set aside time for cleaning

You need to set aside a block of time, depending on the size of your garage. Ideally, the larger the space, the more time you will need. A good rule of thumb is to set aside an entire day for a single-car garage. You might want to ask for help, especially if you live alone.

You can ask for help from your friends and neighbors, or you can hire people to do the job for you. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast at least a day before cleaning. If you wait for a good day, you get to use the driveway and the lawn to sort out your belongings.

2. Set a realistic budget

It’s easy to go overboard when choosing storage options, as is the tendency for first-timers who’ve never really organized before. You might think that you need expensive cabinets for your power tools, but you really don’t. Set a realistic budget so you can focus and prioritize on what you truly need.

3. Know what the garage is for

A garage is a place for vehicles. That is the primary reason why many homes have one. Always remember that you’re organizing the garage to make space for your car, not to turn it into a secondary storage room. Never forget that

4. But you can also use it for storage

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for storage. If you have space, allocate a corner or a portion of the garage for a workshop or gardening bench. You can install specialized storage for sports gear if you’re the sporty type. Plan accordingly, and everything will have their place.

5. How to sort your stuff

Garage storage

Make a list with three categories: to throw out or donate, to keep, and areas of improvement. You also need to consider the sizes of the items you intend to store in the garage.

Are the sizes uniform? Are most of them big or small? Light or bulky? Answer these questions, and you’ll know the right type of garage storage for you. For example, if you have a lot of bikes, you might want to consider buying a bike rack or cabinet.

These things will help you keep your garage clean and organized. As long as you know what the garage is for, you won’t run into any problems while organizing it. Systematically approach the cleaning process and set a realistic budget for any upgrades.

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