6 Quick Ways You Can Get Quick Cash

Life has a lot of ways to surprise, and not all of them are good surprises. Sometimes, emergencies happen, and in some of those emergencies will leave you scratching your head and saying, “How can I pay for this?”

While this is a problem, the worst thing to do during these moments is to panic. Stay calm and find out how you can get cash quickly for any emergency.

Personal Loan

A personal loan gives you much-needed flexibility by allowing you to pay the principal and interest through a series of smaller payments or installments. This lets you pay the loan while protecting you from plunging headlong to another financial crisis.  You can properly budget for your daily expenses while paying the loan in the process.

Even with bad credit, personal loans in Utah are possible thanks to money centers that accept online applications.

Cash Advance

Cash advance is an option from a credit card company that gives you the privilege of withdrawing an amount from an ATM against your credit limit. It’s a heaven-sent option for those who really need cash right away. In exchange, though, you’ll have to endure a higher-than-usual charge when the bill comes due. As far as emergencies go, however, this option can bail you out at the last minute.

Pawn Your Items

A bright side to great need (or panic) is you’ll suddenly realize that your house is a treasure chest of valuable things. In times of financial emergency, you may want to look around your house and have a thorough inspection of highly valuable things gathering dust anywhere. Why not make some money off of them by selling them? Who knows, you might just be helping someone find the thing they’ve wanted for so long.

Sell Your Plasma

No, not your plasma TV (but you can certainly sell it too, if needed). Plasma is an essential but usually forgotten part of your blood. People already know white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets and how important they are for the human body, but plasma carries all these important blood components all over your body.

Plasma can be donated. Usually, it will take you only half an hour to donate your plasma, but your first visit may take you a little longer because of the paperwork and physical exam that are prerequisites for the donation. You may donate your plasma twice a week, depending on the donation center’s recommendation.

Redeem Credit Card Points

Low key macro shot with old credit card.

The more points you’ve accumulated, the larger your purchasing power can be. Of course, more points can only be achieved through a series of purchases in the past, so these would only apply to those of you who own credit cards and have actually made purchases.

By redeeming points from your credit card, you can buy items as if you’ve paid nothing at all—items that you can sell later. You can then sell these items, turning your credit card into a reliable tool in times of financial distress.


Valuable metals such as tin cans and aluminum can be deposited in exchange for cash. You can start raiding your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and every part of your house for items made of these materials. Go get a sack and play the part of a scavenger for a while.

We know how worrying it is to deal with a no-cash situation, most especially during emergencies. But what you always need to remember is to relax and focus on solutions—there’s bound to be one that can work for you!

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