Architectural Designs for Modern Living

Residential architecture has gone a long way. Houses used to serve a single purpose: a place to live in. But the newest trends in architectural design have given birth to fashionable houses. These are houses that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. But one must not underestimate their functionality, as well. Here are some styles that have brought home living to a new level:

The Fusion of the Indoors and Outdoors

This style is a seamless connection between the indoor and the outdoor space. This works best in waterfront lots and homes such as properties in Lake Murray or beach houses.

This design has a humble beginning with large windows. These structures brought in the view from the outside. Through time, this concept has become bolder. Sliding glass doors give homes a pristine and relaxing scene of the outdoors. Sundeck bathtubs and summer kitchens are also installed outside the house. They serve dual functions: for relaxation and functionality. Giant chess boards set in lawns are becoming a good source of entertainment for some people.

Versatile Spaces

Flex rooms are another trend that has seen its fair share in residences. These are rooms that have multi-functions. This architectural design is in line with the changes brought about by modern living. Traditional rooms may go unused because of the fast-paced lifestyles of people. The key to this design is the ability to transform furniture for many purposes. This style is also helpful for houses that have smaller spaces. Who says that a small house could not be comfortable has to see the innovation called flex rooms.

Think of a home office converted to a guest room when a visitor would love to spend in the night. Even alcoves are maximized as minibars or reading nooks. Basement and attics also hold a lot of possibilities aside from being storage spaces. Dividers and sliding doors are great ways to connect rooms to make them bigger if needed.

In-house Facilities

woman exercising at home

Although people may seem to be always on the run, health awareness is also given attention. Also, people tend to seek relaxing activities at the end of a tiring day. Home gyms are now given their respective spaces in modern homes. To cap off a stressful day, people retreat to their spa-inspired bathrooms. Steam rooms are also good alternatives for relaxation right at the heart of homes.

People opt to have these facilities inside their homes. This gives them access to such conveniences at any time. That is in opposed to them availing of these services elsewhere. They are also great ways to entertain guests.

Eco-friendly Materials

Modern homeowners are not only concerned with their wellness. They are also becoming more conscious of the environment. Sustainability is becoming a big consideration when building new houses.

Builders choose materials that do not produce much waste. Architects make designs with energy efficiency and water conservation in mind. Homeowners and architects could draw inspiration from some famous examples of sustainable houses. This trend is a good development in residential architecture. This is in consideration of the environment slowly deteriorating,

Trends may come and go. These styles in most residences nowadays are efficient and functional. They blend well with the current needs of modern homeowners. With that, it is safe to say that they will be present in most homes for a long time.

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