Unique Walkway Designs for Modern Homes

Some people want to create an elaborate entry walkway, while others are minimalists who focus mostly on simple pathways. Regardless of where you fall, the plethora of design materials and their stylish installation methods will leave you spolied for choice.

If you opt for large sidewalk pavers, be sure to combine them with water features and a variety of plants to create a harmonious feel and look for your landscape. That said, this article highlights some unique walkway designs and materials that are suitable for both modern and contemporary designed homes.

Mosaic Pebbles

Unfortunately, a majority of the most jaw-dropping pathway ideas will either cost an arm and a leg, require exceptionally laborious artisan installation, or both. A mosaic pebble pathway will create outstanding design and leave everyone who walks on it in awe. While mosaic pebbles are reasonably priced, they require professional installation to achieve the intended effect.

Tumbled Glass

Tumbled glass mulch is yet another way you can add sparkle to your walkways. The recycled glass material is available in a variety of colors ranging from clear, to sky blue, to lime green, to so many others. Moreover, the glass lasts for a long time without requiring touch-up, and the deep-set color never fades. The first reservation homeowners have with this material is safety. However, modern production processes for tumbled glass have made it such that the glass does not have sharp edges.

Bark Mulch

If you are an advocate for a green environment, or if you have a blooming and vibrant garden for the better part of the year, then a bark mulch walkway is for you. With this option, you will not require the extra details and decorations to achieve a natural feel and appearance to your walkway. Additionally, bark mulch is budget friendly as the material is affordable and readily available, and the installation process is relatively easy.

Gray Gravel

Most people think that gravel is a specialty for driveways only. On the contrary, gravel is among the most popular materials in most do-it-yourself walkway projects, as they are relatively affordable, easy to install, and are perfect in creating an informal, warm, and welcoming look. Additionally, gravel is highly versatile, and it comes in a variety of sizes and colors. For instance, you can use the fine dark gray gravel as the base of your walkway, and then create a sharp striking contrast by placing large circular gravel stones on top.

Lava Rocks and Pavers

concrete pavement blocks for walkway

Pavers are affordable and readily available in almost all home supply stores and hardwares. Unfortunately, they are not very visually appealing due to their dull and monotonous tone. However, you can combine pavers with well-cut out lava rocks to create a walkway that makes a statement in your neighborhood. If your home is a lush green, the contrast of the red lava rocks will add color and depth to your home’s exterior.

Walkways not only guide people in your home, but they also create an atmosphere or a mood for the entire home. First, establish whether you want to create a formal or informal feeling to your space. Then, select the matching materials, shapes, dimensions, and style that you want your walkway to have.

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