Marriage Proposals: Finding Something Unique

Will you be proposing via a jumbotron during a game of your favorite sport? How about a flash mob routine or skywriting? Probably not, as all of these are actually on the list of most cliché marriage proposals. You have the engagement ring, and you just sent the wedding rings to a company in Lansing with the latest laser and engraving machine because you are confident that she will say yes. But you are still thinking of a unique and meaningful way to propose to the love of your life.

American Engagements: an Overview

December. Most marriage proposals happen in December in America. Nineteen percent of proposals occur during this month, and July with 9% is not even a close second. This is important to know because if you want it to be unique, you want to reduce the chance of booking the same wedding planner, who might recycle wedding ideas for you. Also, the higher the demand, the higher the chances of paying more for their services. The lean months are September and October.

There is no prescription on how long engagement should be. Also, a few practical matters dictate the length of the engagement, e.g., you are still finishing medical school, you want to save up for a grand wedding, or you’re still in the military tour.

But as a reference, the average length of engagement in America is between 12 months and 18 months. Mostly, couples commit during winter, and then they get hitched during summertime.

Looking for Something Unique

Marriage proposal

Ring in a champagne glass or inside a fancy dessert, overused and maybe slightly dangerous too. Perhaps the only cliché that still works is you getting down on one knee. That’s a “must do.” But here are some ideas that you can tweak:

  1. Location. Proposing outdoors offers plenty of flexibility and creativity in terms of execution. You can make your partner believe that you’re taking your typical Saturday forest walk. But you set it up as a reminder where both of you first met.
  2. Surprise with flower petals and candles. A unique proposal is about integrating your memories and experience. Trails of rose or flower petals and candles might have been done before. But if she’s surprised by it upon getting home, it leads to a roof deck with a dinner set up for two.
  3. Casual visual. Get creative with technology. Compile videos and photos from the many moments that you’re together. Sit her down on the couch and casually say you’re just going to watch a home video that you created. Build it up towards the end, adding music and then finally throwing in the “Will you marry me?” line at the end of the video. There’s an app that allows you to record and compile one second of video and then turn it into a film.
  4. Rehearse that verse. Create a meaningful poem that your partner will appreciate. End it with, “Will you marry me?” and hope that she answers yes truthfully. If you’re poetically impaired, find someone who writes and can turn your story into a lovely proposal poem.

Remember, an idea might have been tried before already. But you can do something to make your proposal unique and memorable.

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