An Average Wheelchair Ramp Installation Costs $1,831 in 2019

A professional installation of wheelchair ramps in Utah may cost within the national average of $1,831 for this year, although the actual price depends on the type of materials and cost of labor.

Standard sizes of ramps measure 30 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 30 inches high, although you need to check if this complies with the Americans with Disabilities’ (ADA) guidelines. For instance, doorways and other entry points should have a width of at least 32 inches to accommodate any type of wheelchair. It’s also best to replace doors that automatically close, just to make it easier for handicapped people to come in and out.

Estimated Cost of Materials

Professional installers usually charge customers based on each linear foot of material. Wood and prefabricated aluminum are among the cheapest at around $100 per linear foot, while concrete and steel or metal cost between $200 and $250 per linear foot. Aluminum costs in the mid-range price bracket at approximately $150 per linear foot. Each material will have its own pros and cons.

Wooden ramps are cheap, easy to install, and widely available in home depots, but it requires regular maintenance to prevent decay. Prefabricated aluminum can be assembled by yourself, although you would need to wait up to two weeks before you could receive the item. Concrete is durable yet it can be costly and different to remove, while steel is also expensive and it can be prone to corrosion.

When choosing among different materials, it’s better to consult a mobility and disability solutions provider to pick the right choice. The same applies if you plan to install a wheelchair lift in Utah and other home upgrades to make a wheelchair-friendly house.

Other Expenses

Woman handing her paymentOnce you decide to hire a contractor, the average cost of labor will depend on the type of materials. Those who plan to install wooden ramps could spend at least $70 per hour to hire a carpenter, while a handyman or mason could charge between $60 and $90 per hour to install concrete ramps. Don’t forget to ask about the contractor’s familiarity with the ADA rules, aside from having the required licenses.

You may also need to secure a permit especially if you live in a multifamily building. This may cost from $30 to $120 depending on where you live in Utah. Construction permits are required when installing wooden or concrete ramps, which are classified as permanent installations.

Steel and aluminum are the opposite and you may no longer need to have one, but ask your local municipality just to be sure. Those who live in a single-family house should do the same, particularly when the ramp intersects with the common walkway or street in a neighborhood.

It’s better to hire a licensed and insured service provider of mobility and disability services, instead of planning to install a wheelchair ramp by yourself. Remember that the security of the disabled person is at stake when ramps are poorly constructed, so it doesn’t make sense to save a few dollars to compromise their safety.

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