What Are the Top 5 Most Popular Pizza Toppings?

Pizza can easily excite people from any age group. It is a convenient food to have whether alone or with friends, and it is also a great food choice for celebrations. Kids and adults alike love pizza for lunch, birthdays, evenings out, or watching movies at home.

Today, the pizza industry is coming up with more and more fast and casual pizza franchises to meet the people’s demand and love for pizza. One of the best things about pizza is the unlimited number of toppings one can use. There are various flavor combinations, and others have experimented to get the best flavor for them.

But are you curious to know which toppings are the most popular among pizza lovers? Here is a list.


Top on the list is the classic pepperoni. It is really no surprise because it is the standby, old-school pepperoni and cheese combo pizza that will always get the number one spot for the most popular pizza flavor worldwide.


In second place is sausage. Again, this should not come as a surprise. Sausage is used with other toppings to create delicious pizza flavors. There are various sausage varieties, including garlic, sweet, salty and even herb-flavored ones. They create different flavor profiles for the pizza once they have cooked down.


This one is already expected to land in number three, but about 70% of pizza places in the U.S. actually use canned mushrooms. Although there are also others that use different types of fresh mushrooms, most people ordering pizza like the canned variety.


If you are not counting mushrooms as veggies, they take the number four spot with onions as a popular choice for most pizza eaters. You can also count in bell peppers and tomatoes on this spot. There is also a wide variety of leaves and herbs to use, which include basil, rosemary, parsley, sage and more.


pizza on rustic table

Taking the top five spot is olives. People prefer black olives than the green ones, but both are still counted at this spot.

The lower bottom half come in a close fight. There are also ham, beefsteak, hamburgers, bacon and seafood on the list. With the unlimited topping possibilities, pizza lovers can create various flavors to suit their specific cravings and diets. Some of the most popular flavors around are the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Four Cheese, Vegetarian, Mexican Taco, Barbecue Chicken Pizza and Hawaiian Barbecue Pizza.

The list of possible pizza flavors can go on and on as long as pizza lovers continue to be creative with their toppings and combinations. Some also incorporate distinct toppings to personalize their pizza according to the country they come from. Some of these varieties are Italian sausages, Mexican taco, Turkish ground lamb and kebab, and even a Mac and cheese pizza.

Pizza has also turned from savory dishes to sweet. People have been making dessert pizzas with fruits, chocolate and caramel sauces. Those who are following specific diets and still want to have their slice of pizza make do with Keto crust and top it up with asparagus, kale, avocado, egg and others. So whatever flavor or topping you have in mind, pizza will be a great idea for your next meal.

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