Types of Air Purification Appliances for Your Indoors

For a long time, people assumed that getting optimal indoor air quality was meant for industries that dealt with pollutants and commercial properties because they hosted many people. Moreover, most residential properties could hardly afford the appliances needed for the maintenance of optimal air quality. Thankfully, these two issues are no longer the case. People appreciate the essence of optimal air quality irrespective of the number of occupants in their homes, and the appliances for the same are surprisingly cheap.

Getting an HVAC system is nonetheless not enough for optimal air quality. Periodic duct cleaning by a Denver Colorado company is also essential to ensure that the air generated by your appliance flows freely through your interiors. The cleaning also ensures that pollutants in your indoors are gotten rid of easily.

Other than this, you should invest in an air purification appliance. This boosts the indoor air quality you are getting and is essential for the prevention of allergic reactions. The following are your air purification appliance options.


These are the initial lines of defense for your interiors against contamination by pollutants. The filters are often placed along ducts or in portable air conditioners. These filters should be regularly cleaned and replaced as need be to guarantee they do not affect the quality of the air you get in your interiors.

The most effective air purification filters nowadays are HEPA filters. These, unlike others, even remove mold spores, dust mites, and pollen from the air in your interiors. Some HVAC units cannot, however, handle HEPA filters.

For these, you can use carbon-activated filters with a lower pore sizing though they will not get rid of very fine particles.

Air Ionizers

These generate negative ions that will cause the clumping of the particles in your indoor air. Air ionizers are very effective for removing chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, viruses, and bacteria in your interiors. In most cases, air ionizers are used in combination with HEPA filters for ultimate air quality.

The appliances will, unfortunately, not get rid of particles on your carpets and floors.

Ultra-Violet Lamps

modern lliving room

UV lamps will destroy the micro-organisms in your interiors using intense light. These are effective for getting rid of mold and bacteria in your interiors but have little impact on chemical fumes, smoke, and gases.

The lamps are usually used near HVAC cooling coils to get rid of the mold spores that often accumulate here because of condensation. UV lamps are thus only effective for air purification in small areas.

Ozone Generators

These cause the attraction of suspended articles in your indoors to make ozone molecules. The machines are quite effective for the elimination of odors. Ozone can, however, be irritating to your nose, throat, and eyes when in excess amounts.

You now understand that getting an HVAC unit for your property is not enough for the best quality of indoor air. Indoor ventilation using many windows and ventilation outlets can only do so much without the above purifiers. The ideal purifier for your interiors will primarily depend on the present pollutants in your environment.

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