How to Make Your Home or Workplace Neat and Organized

It is a fact that a cluttered workplace or home is messy and discouraging. Even worse, if your home or workplace is disorganised, you are likely to be uncomfortable, which can increase stress levels. This blog explains the causes of clutter in work or living places, and the solutions to counter them.

Before you look at how you can make your place organised, it is crucial first to identify the causes of clutter. In residential areas, clutter is caused by different activities, outlined in this article.

Fun shopping

We all like buying an item or two just for fun, right? With time, this becomes a habit, and before you realise it, you have many things in your home, which you do not actually need.

Solution: the remedy here is to avoid impulse buying. You can do this by staying away from stores and shopping malls and go there only when you need to buy something. Besides, before you visit a mall, check your closet to remind yourself of what you already have.

Bulk shopping

Sometimes, you can save money by buying items in bulk. However, when you bring too many items to your living or workplace such as toilet rolls, baking supplies, or stationery, they are likely to cause clutter. Storing bulk items can be a challenge, especially in the kitchen or bathroom areas.

Solution: In this situation, you can consider adding a shelf system. In New Zealand, you can get advice from commercial and industrial shelving experts. Well-mounted shelves can help you accommodate many items in your garage or basement.

In the end, you will control clutter. Just ensure that your items are safe from conditions that may spoil their quality such as mould, heat, or pests.

Clutter creep


This happens when you do not arrange and tidy things up at the end of each day or business. You can start with a clean space at the beginning of the week, only to have a disorderly space at the end of the week.

Solution: Remember to tidy things up at the end of each business or day. Before you go to bed, pick at least a few items and put them in their appropriate places. Do the same in your workplace. Eventually, you’ll end up with a tidy place at the end of the week.

Lingering junk mail

Many times, you’ll realise that you keep junk mail that you actually no longer need. Usually, we bring in mail, open it and just leave it in a pile of clutter until next week.

Solution: Handle mail as soon as it arrives, to avoid piling up. File your bills immediately and recycle what you can. Importantly, have a holder for fun mail such as a drawer or basket.

Keeping Items You No Longer Need

Some items outgrow their usefulness with time, yet they still find space in your wardrobe, kitchen, office, or bathroom. Kitchen gadgets, shoes, office trays, and other items are just a few examples.

Solution: The solution here is to let them go if they are no longer useful. After some intervals, check your house or office and select a bunch of items that you no longer need. If you have not used it for a whole year, it is outgrowing its usefulness.

With these tips, you can end up with an organised office or home, with no clutter.

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