The Secret Message of Your Driveway

Driveway to a Garage

Have you checked your driveway or parking lot lately? Even with a well-designed home and garage, a crumbling driveway can take away its aesthetic appeal. However, with proper maintenance, you can keep asphalt surfaces in good condition for years to come. So make sure to hire trusted professionals for quality asphalt paving in places like West Valley City. Know when it’s time for maintenance and look for these five telling signs you need asphalt driveway repairs.

1. Spiderweb Cracks

One of the most common and obvious signs you need paving repairs is when you see cracks. In most cases, moisture from rain or snow can seep in and worsen those cracks. If you’re located in a cold area, you might notice how this type of damage is more frequent on roads. Even gas and oil from cars and de-icing salt can penetrate the surface and worsen those cracks. The best way to fix this is to remove the cracked asphalt, recompact the aggregate, and fill it in with new material.

2. Linear or Hairline Cracks

These types of driveway damage occur over time due to seasonal changes in the weather. Moisture and dirt get in those cracks, and when water freezes inside, it will expand. Hairline or linear cracks will keep spreading and deepening, which can cause more damage in the future. Some homeowners address this by putting an overlay on top of their driveway, but it doesn’t address the problem. Quality hot sealing can provide a long-term solution, but it has to be done right by a professional.

3. Potholes


potholes in the road looking like alien craters
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4. Driveway Drainage Problems

If you have a sloped or uneven driveway, chances are you may have water draining issues on your pavement. When the water collects in a few areas and fails to dry, it can lead to serious damage. This weakens the asphalt and aggravates cracks on the surface. To resolve this problem, some people add curbing to direct the water off the driveway. However, this is not always a full-proof solution, so you need to consult a paving professional on how to fix the problem best.

5. Crumbling Around the Edges

When your driveway is crumbling around the edges, it’s a sign your asphalt was laid too thinly. It can also mean the asphalt was laid beyond the aggregate base. Either way, the paving will start breaking into chunks. Though it looks unpleasant, it won’t damage the main structure of your driveway. To help fix this, you can get brick or another sturdy material installed around the edges to prevent the asphalt from breaking off.

6. Know the Right Time for Driveway Maintenance

Take note of these warning signs to keep your driveway well-maintained. To give you a recap, remember to check for spider and linear cracks, as well as unsightly potholes. It’s also a good idea to examine your driveways for drainage issues and crumbling around the edges.

On average, paving repairs and resealing are done every five years. However, depending on the weather conditions in your area, you may need to do this more frequently. When you do, make sure to contact reliable professionals for asphalt paving in West Valley City.

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