4 Times a Bail Bond Agent’s Service is Invaluable

In North Carolina, being forced to post bail while awaiting trial to stay out of jail is an injustice when the accused is eventually found not guilty. Until the rather unfair justice system is fixed, you have two choices when a loved one gets arrested: to either let them stay in prison until the judge makes a decision or buy back their freedom in the meantime. As leaving a loved one behind bars is hard to stomach, working with a licensed bail bond agent in Raleigh, NC is necessary.

If you do not have a large amount of cash lying around, a bail bondsman can arrange for the temporary release of your loved one for a fee until the court decides on their case. Below are some reasons you should use the services of a bail bond agency:

1. Pretrial Detention Can Take a While

There is no telling how long the trial can take, for it depends on how hectic the schedule of the local courthouse is. Some cases are decided in a matter of weeks, while others take months or years. Being in prison can affect a person’s physical and mental health, so it is imperative to keep your accused loved one out until they are sentenced.

A bail bond agent who accepts a client 24/7 can help you meet the bail requirements ASAP. The sooner an agreement is reached with a bail bondsman, the less time your loved one has to stay with other convicted criminals.

2. Paperwork Can Make Your Head Spin

bail concept

The number of papers necessary to navigate the bail process can overwhelm an average person. The service of a licensed bail bond agent will come in handy. This professional will sort everything out, which helps ease the stress your family is already experiencing because of the situation.

3. Personal Privacy Remains Untouched

Sometimes, the court can be inquisitive when it comes to the source of the bail. Even if you have the money, you may be asked to provide proof that it came from a legitimate source. Proving to the authorities that you have adequate assets to produce the money in the heat of the crisis is taxing.

If you fail to give the authorities satisfactory evidence when requested, your loved one may not get out of jail quickly. Apart from the fact that you have to declare your family’s financial information through bank statements and tax documents, the news about your loved one getting arrested can get out.

4. Flexible Payment Arrangement is Possible

A bail bondsman collects a non-refundable portion of bail set by the court. In essence, you still need to pay something up front. Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to use cash. Many agencies accept major credit cards, so you can keep your money in your pocket and deal with an unscheduled expense later.

The society tends to look at the bail bond industry negatively, but the arrested individuals may find themselves in a worse situation without bail bondsmen. If you need to speak with one, waste no time to set up a free consultation.

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