Smart Ways to Store Items in Your Home

The key to a clutter-free and more relaxed home is knowing how to store items properly. You are lucky if your house has an attic, basement, or garage where you can keep items and supplies that are rarely used. Make sure to use these extra storage spaces wisely.

Today, many residents invest in backyard storage sheds in Salt Lake City, where they can stash Christmas ornaments and out-of-season clothes and shoes. Furniture, gardening tools, and children’s toys can also be stashed in these sheds. Whether the space is limited or you have too much stuff, here are few smart ways to store household items.

Kitchen appliances

The most basic step to organizing your kitchen appliances is to identify which ones you frequently use, seldom use, or never used. The appliances you use daily such as coffeemaker, toaster, microwave, and blender, can sit on the countertop. Make sure that knives, chopping boards, and pots and pans are always within your reach. Store appliances you don’t often use on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet.

Winter clothes

Saying goodbye to the cold and snowy winter in Utah means storing winter wardrobe in the top shelves of your closets or in the attic. The first and most important step is to ensure that winter clothes are absolutely clean and completely dry before storing them in containers, preferably plastic. Wood and cardboard boxes may become hosts to pests. Make sure the bins are stored in a cool place so your winter clothes will look good as new when you need them next year.

Outdated Documents


The struggle to find a piece of paper can be a struggle, especially if your home is filled with clutter. Having a proper paper storage strategy is the key.

Begin by gathering every piece of paperwork from the house in one area then decide which documents to keep, recycle, and discard. It would be best if you placed bills, appointment reminders, and invitations in a desktop box. Keep important documents such as passports, tax returns, birth certificates, and academic records in a fireproof box.

Holiday decorations

Decorating for the holidays is fun, but putting away Christmas trees and lights, Halloween jack-o-lanterns and skeletons and an American flag for Fourth of July and figuring out where to keep them can be a little stressful. It’s worth it to purchase storage bins with proper compartments to protect these often sentimental ornaments. Make sure the containers are labeled and organized by season.


Properly stored and preserved photographs can stand the test of time. Organizing photos is a meticulous process, so make sure to wear clean cotton gloves. Look for an acid-free album, box, or frame. Carefully label the back of a photo with a permanent marker, not with a ballpoint pen.

Another important thing is to store photos in places where they will not be subject to humidity and dramatic temperature fluctuations.


Not every household affords to have an underground cellar to store bottles of wine. Just remember these basic rules: store wine bottles in a cool and dark place—basements are ideal facilities. Also, keep them still and sideways to ensure your wine will survive for a long time.

There are many ways you can save on space, you only need to be open-minded and creative to discover the possibilities.

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