Garage Doors 101: Common Types and Their Applications

Are you currently shopping for the right garage door for your property? If you do, then you must first learn some basic things about them, like the different types of garage doors and their recommended applications. By knowing such things, you can gauge which garage door type suits your budget and offers the functionality that you need. But, how do you determine which type is perfect for you?

Well, for one, you can tap an expert company that offers garage door installation services in Utah and other states. Such a service provider has skilled and knowledgeable personnel who can help you decide on the right type of garage door based on your specific requirements and the budget that you have set.

For starters, you may simply read through these pieces of information on the different garage doors (materials-wise) and their intended applications:

Wood garage doors

Garage doors made of wood are hard to surpass or even match in terms of their aesthetic appeal. In the hands of experts, a wood garage door can be truly awe-inspiring and can make any plain-looking property pop up. Garage doors made of wood can be painted or stained to achieve a specific look that matches the over-all design concept or theme of any property.

Wood garage doors are primarily ideal for private residences but commercial establishments could also use them. Just take note that they can be pricey depending on the kind of wood that will be used plus they require repainting or re-staining after very few years to keep the wood in great condition.

Steel garage doors

Steel garage doors are preferred by many commercial, residential, and industrial property owners for their sheer strength and the level of security that they can provide. However, there is more to them than just brute strength. Garage doors made of steel can also be flexible in terms of design possibilities. They can be customized to incorporate window inserts and resemble other materials like wood. Finally, steel garage doors are truly easy to maintain since they don’t require periodic painting or staining.

garage door

Aluminum garage doors

Aluminum garage doors are more economical than wood and are likewise easier to maintain. Aluminum is also known not to warp, rot, or get negatively affected by weather changes. However, they can conduct heat and can thus be an issue for vehicle owners who worry about leaving their car inside a hot garage. But since aluminum is another versatile material, it can be used in practically all kinds of property.

Glass/fiberglass garage doors

Lastly, you may opt for glass or fiberglass garage doors to secure your vehicles. If you’re not particularly worried about prying eyes and you intend to showcase your vehicles, a glass garage door would be perfect. Meanwhile, just like aluminum, fiberglass is also prone to letting in outside heat that could make the inside of the garage hot. Also, both glass and fiberglass can be easily broken into so it won’t be a good idea to pick them if you don’t have sufficient perimeter fencing.

Choosing the right garage door is critical to guarantee your vehicles’ safety and of your property’s interiors as well. Aside from the materials, you should also decide which garage door styles you will use, such as swing-out, sectional, bifold, and the like. Just tap a reliable garage door installer to get expert advice on the perfect type for your property.

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