Six Reasons Why Moving to Australia After COVID-19 Is a Great Idea

One of the things this coronavirus made us realize is that there is a whole world out there waiting for us to be explored. Hence, moving abroad seems to be the best answer to satisfy the wanderlust we all have been craving since these stay-at-home and lockdown orders have started.

Furthermore, with the current working trend leaning towards a home-based or remote setup, more people, especially millennials, have the opportunity to travel and even live abroad. A 2016 FlexJob survey showed that a majority of millennials prefer a flexible work option to travel.

Among the best countries to migrate to once this pandemic slides down is Australia. With its beautiful unspoiled nature, livable cities, and diverse cultural population, this land down under offers you an opportunity to reinvent yourself and enhance your career.

Are you still on the fence about where to move to once the opportunity opens up? Here are top reasons why, despite the wildfires, spiders, and deadly snakes, moving to Australia is one of your best life decisions.

They Offer Affordable Housing

Australians enjoy a high quality of life. It is evident from their real estate market, which offers a wide range of housing options with standard housing for country towns and major urban cities.

House and land packages in Australia offer not only spacious rooms but also broad outdoor living areas, perfect for weekend barbecues and morning coffee relaxation. Most houses are single-story with modern architectural design distinctly Australian.

Moreover, most housing communities in large cities or towns are within 50 kilometers from the coastline. They are near parks, playing fields, schools, and shopping and entertainment centers, offering a convenient and relaxed lifestyle.

All these considered, the Australian government also offers a generous amount of loans with reasonable interest rates for first-time homebuyers.

They Are One of the Safest Country

Despite the annals of history dubbing Australia as the home of Britain and Ireland’s notorious criminals ━ as it was a penal colony five centuries back ━ , it is considered quite a safe country by all standards.

Australians are community-minded by nature, making Australia the best and safest place for starting and raising a family. The country has strong law enforcement and strict gun control law, resulting in a low crime rate compared to other parts of the world.

Australia has been home for several refugees fleeing their country homes due to war and persecution. Furthermore, with its unique geographical location, it has a lesser chance of conflicting with neighboring countries.

They Have a Great Healthcare System

The healthcare system of Australia is one of the top-notch in the world. Its public Medicare system provides a wide range of health services, lower cost of prescription drugs, and free medical care in public hospitals.

Eligible patients can enjoy a free or subsidized treatment by health professionals and are given free public hospital accommodation and treatment. These public healthcare benefits are not only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents, but also for specific categories of visitors.

Other than Medicare, there are also extensive private health systems. Some Australians opt for private health insurance, which covers more extensive healthcare benefits.

They Offer the Best Working Conditions

Blessed with a wealth of natural resources, this vast landmass has a booming job market even with recent global economic downturns. Career opportunities in Australia are quite diverse and promising, ranging from mining and business to tourism and healthcare.

Recent statistics show an influx of skilled workers moving to Australia. The flexible time arrangement, high minimum wage rate, and other employment benefits are some factors that make Australia an ideal place to start a life.

On top of the high standards of working conditions, everyone is treated fairly and respectfully in the workplace. There is no social stigma, whether you have a white or blue-collar job. Chances are, a plumber and a software consultant earn the same amount of wage.

Suburban street

They Have the Best Educational System

With educational standards comparable to European countries, one of the popular reasons why several people are moving to Australia is to further their education. Australia boasts some of the finest universities in the world, such as the University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland, and Western Sydney University.

The Australian government also provides free or subsidized primary and secondary education. Its public education system has a good record of producing high-quality holistic students, as they do not only emphasize the importance of academic results but also of student interaction, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

They Offer Great Outdoor Experiences

Australia’s fantastic climate and scenic natural landscapes offer a laid-back and healthy lifestyle, ideal whether you are starting a family, enjoying your single life, or relaxing on your retirement.

Australia has one of the longest coastlines in the world, with over 10,000 beaches offering you a place of retreat and relaxation. Apart from that, you get to experience the fantastic wildlife firsthand, along with some of the world’s weirdest natural attractions, such as the Pink Lake and The Pinnacles.

With all these things laid out for you, are you now convinced that moving to Australia after this pandemic passes is a great idea?

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