Should You Restructure Your Business?

Your business will grow, and that is a fact. And as it grows, you will realize that it needs to change some parts to work smoothly and effectively. You will notice that customer demands also get bigger, which will require your operations to upgrade.

In this case, you need to restructure your business. Such a change is a feat that will require careful considerations and planning. Expect that there will be several consultations with your stakeholders and employees before you arrive at a viable and long-term decision. If you want to get more validations or need more information to convince your partners and department heads, here are some things you need to bear in mind:

A new structure can give you more control

When you restructure your business, you have that opportunity to create new departments to handle work that you used to outsource to third parties. Now, you will be able to hire your own creative team, information technology personnel, and accountants. If your budget permits, you can even build your own legal team with corporate attorneys or even lawyers with a personal injury background (you’ll never know what will happen, so better be safe!).

You get rid of non-working aspects

Restructuring requires decision-makers to check their operations closely, as they will need to see the aspects that keep the business from running efficiently. For instance, if you notice that your employees have been multitasking, you can hire additional personnel so that your team members can focus on their areas of specialty.

On the other hand, you also have the freedom to remove certain practices and layers; for one, you can get rid of another layer of approval by letting some projects go directly to your office for your approval. Removing unnecessary routes of approvals can also help in empowering your employees.

Costs will be reduced

Some restructuring efforts require you to shell out money. But in the long run, it will help you reduce costs. For instance, if you decide to incorporate your company, you might enjoy tax breaks. In the context of incorporation, you might have the choice to defer your taxes. This means that you can use the money on more important things and operations-related items.

woman doing a presentation to a man

The culture can evolve

When a business changes its structure, you can expect that a lot of people will go. But new ones will come in. The diversity in attitudes, beliefs, and personas can give birth to a new corporate culture. However, you have to make sure that the change is for the better and that the new culture fosters unity, care, and transparency.

Be wary of the cons, though

Overall, while business restructuring sounds attractive, you should be wary of the certain cons to minimize your chances of committing costly mistakes. If you want to be sure of your decision, it’s important to seek the advice of a corporate lawyer specializing in business structures and ownership. This will save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.

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