Shopping for Doors? Top Exterior Door Materials You Should Consider

Are you looking to add another entryway to your home for your next renovation project? Perhaps you want to tear down a wall or at least add a door so that your family has access to your yard. If so, you are probably having the same dilemma about which exterior doors you should get. There are many designs to choose from, but that’s entirely up to your taste. The main debate is about the material of such doors, and which one would be better suited for your needs. Continue reading and see the benefits of each type discussed.

Wooden Exterior Doors

The most common material for doors would be wood, and it’s perhaps the first thing you’ll check when you shop around. It is sturdy, offers a good amount of protection when closed and properly secured, and these can stand years of wear and tear and all the types of elements nature can throw at it. They’re a safe bet, but in terms of appeal, wooded doors look plain and simple, no matter what color you paint them with, or the size and shape you choose. Still, as an exterior door, these are really popular because of they a large variety even at an affordable price point.

white wooden door

Metal Exterior Doors

If you’re really concerned about security but you still want to blow up a wall and add another exterior door, you might want to consider getting metal doors. These are strong, long-lasting doors that you can’t easily tear down and break into. They are heavy, sturdy, and can often be hard to open and close, defeating the original purpose. However, these metal doors can be fabricated to more intricate ornate design. They age well too, as a bit of rust in wrought iron doors can be more interesting than the clean, newly installed kind. Years of exposure to nature will also give it that unique patina, a look that you can’t replicate and won’t easily get.

Glass Exterior Doors

Now if you are blowing up a wall and adding a door just to connect your family to your backyard, your pool area, or even the green outdoors, you might want to consider getting glass exterior doors. Imagine, with glass exterior doors, Utah sights and nature can be seen, especially if your house is in a scenic location, high above the mountains and very close to nature. Glass doors are also perfect for letting natural light in. It gives you place a more spacious, open vibe even when it’s closed up and protected from the outside world. Natural lighting is very important these days, not only for aesthetics but also for saving energy for your home.

With all the options laid out, perhaps your exterior door buying process just became harder. This time though, you have a clear idea of the benefits and limitations each type represents, and you’ll probably know which one you want for your place because of it. You can still shop around for options, but you now have a good idea about what you should be looking at.

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